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6 Reasons that Make GIIS Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship an Excellent Choice for Grade 12 Students

Top GIIS Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship reasons to apply

The higher you advance in your education, the higher the fee structure rises. That’s why high school students in Bangalore and other parts of the country are encouraged to apply for scholarships. If you’re lucky, your child may not have to pay a dime for grade 11 or 12. Scholarships are a huge relief for both parents and students.

Let’s delve into the GIIS Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship. Why is this scholarship better for your child in Grade 12? We’re about to find out. But first,

What is the GIIS GFRM Scholarship?

The Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship is a unique scholarship for school students offered to outstanding academic performers. If your child has an excellent academic performance, then the GFRM scholarship is a perfect fit for them.

  • High-quality education

High-quality education opens doors and creates opportunities for students to thrive in the future. Grade 12 is the last stage for a student before they enrol in a university. Therefore, the education they receive needs to lay a stable foundation for the future. The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is arguably one of the country’s best international schools. The school uses the CBSE curriculum, which is world-renowned and caters to the student’s holistic development. Should your child win the GFRM scholarship, they will receive a high-quality education from a highly-qualified faculty.

  • Vast resources

All GIIS students can attest that the school provides state-of-the-art resources to enhance the learning process. Every facility, including classrooms, labs, studios, sports amenities, or even the cafeteria, is equipped with modern equipment and technology. The school has an attractive website, podcasts, blogs, and other school publications to keep your child updated on school events. Grade 12 students can use these resources for their projects or nurture their talents. GIIS Bangalore is adamant about producing well-rounded students.

  • Cultural exposure

Do you want your child to interact and learn from other cultures? Well, GIIS Bangalore might be the best place for your child to get exposed to different cultures. The school hosts many international students from all around the globe. As if that’s not enough, the school also hosts frequent cultural festivals. The students get to learn new things and gain respect for other cultures. Grade 12 students can go into the world with the knowledge of interacting and respecting other people’s beliefs.

  • Curricular activities

Do you know that you can get a full-ride scholarship into university straight from high school? Often, university representatives start scouting for potential beneficiaries at sporting and co-curricular events. Whether you’re good at soccer, basketball, cricket, or debating, you can get a free education while representing the university at various competitions. A Grade 12 student at GIIS Bangalore can utilise the GFRM scholarship to perfect their sporting skills. GIIS Bangalore has a wide array of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for the students.

  • University placement

As mentioned earlier, Grade 12 is the last step before university or college enrolment. Most schools encourage students to start sending out university applications in Grade 12. That way, their chances of securing admission are higher. The one thing that makes the GFRM scholarship an excellent choice for grade 12 students is the ease of applying for university admission. Since its inception, GIIS Bangalore has nurtured lasting relations with several top-notch universities. The representatives visit the school and offer admission tips to the students. The curriculum is also a plus. Since the CBSE curriculum is standard in several universities, students don’t have to prove their credibility.

  • Professional foundation

Although a Grade 12 student may not be ready for the professional sector, laying the foundation for them to succeed in the future is essential. So, how do you lay the foundation? The primary factor for success in the education sector is an excellent educational background. GIIS students often stand out at all professional interviews. Additionally, having the GFRM scholarship on their resume shows that the student is a hard worker who produces results. GIIS Bangalore aims to create well-rounded students who can thrive into distinguished adults.

There you have it. These are the primary benefits that Grade 12 students will enjoy after winning the GIIS Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship at GIIS Bangalore. The scholarship has two years of tenure and can cover up to 50% of the student’s tuition. Why are you waiting? Send over your child’s scholarship application immediately! All the best!

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