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6 Telltale Signs You Need New Flooring

6 Telltale Signs You Need New Flooring

Did you know that it costs between $1,491 and 4,553 to install new flooring in a home? New floors substantially upgrade the look of a home, but it can be a big decision.

Do you suspect that your current flooring materials might be past their prime? Are you considering hiring a flooring company but aren’t sure if it’s necessary yet?

The following guide will explore 6 telltale signs that it’s time for a flooring replacement in your home. Read on to learn what to look for before hiring flooring services.

1. Visible Tile Damage

It might be time for new floors if you see any tiles in your home that have visible cracks or wear. Cracks often happen because of excessive moisture or dropping something heavy on tiles.

Luckily, you only need to replace the cracked tiles and not all of the flooring if it’s just a few. If you’re consistently finding cracked tiles in your bathroom or laundry room, see here for alternatives.

2. Uneven Flooring

Your floors are uneven if you find a small dip in one section compared to another section. In this case, new flooring is definitely necessary.

Uneven floors look unsightly and can lead to pooling water. It also indicates that the packing under your floor is breaking down.

3. Outdated Flooring

Times change and so do flooring styles and trends. Updating your flooring can instantly modernize your home. It’s not completely necessary but updating flooring is a great long-term investment because it adds value.

4. Increased Allergies

Your current flooring might be the reason for increased allergies. Carpet tends to trap allergens more than other flooring types ven to regular vacuuming.

It’s easier to clean and remove debris from wood, laminate, and tiled floors. There are even options for germ-resistant tiles created with a special glaze to repel germs and microorganisms.

5. Rotted Flooring

Any rotted hardwood flooring in your home requires replacement as soon as possible. It can lead to issues such as harmful bacteria and termites. You can get the look and feel of hardwood flooring with wooden tiles to avoid rot in the future.

It’s good to change your flooring once in a while to prevent problems like sub-flooring damage and rotting before they happen. Doing so might prevent more expensive problems that can impact the base of your floor.

6. Noisy Flooring

You’ll want to replace wooden floors if you notice any strange noises coming from them. Squeaking or creaking means there’s damage to the subflooring underneath. Eventually, that damage will affect the flooring and lead to replacement anyway.

Ready for New Flooring?

Now you know 6 common signs that it’s time for new flooring in your home. Replacing damaged or outdated floors can improve the safety of your home and even your health.  Most importantly, it enhances the visual appeal of your home and adds value.

Remember this guide and examine your flooring to decide if it’s time for an upgrade. Check out our blog’s home improvement category for more awesome tips and information.

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