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8 Real Estate Videos Smart Agents are Using in 2022

The importance of videos for marketing is now a fact that every marketer knows and accepts. Everyone is filming videos these days, but only a few are doing it properly. It is, however, an excellent method for generating and nurturing leads. It gives you a way to engage with your audience on a personal level if you use it correctly. Including videos in your social media audience, delivers more than basic property information.

The question is, how do you set yourself apart from the pack? How do you make your message stand out in the midst of all the technological clamor? The answer lies in how much originality and professionalism you put into your real estate films. Mentioned below are 8 such video ideas that smart real estate agents are using in 2022.

  1. Property Showcase Video – Buyers prefer to take a virtual tour of a home before going to see it in person. Video footage is popular among sellers since it brings serious buyers to live showings and open homes. A video allows you to highlight a property in a way that static images cannot, no matter how important they are. You can add narration, music, and even actors to a video if you choose.

    In this type of video, you must not forget to:
  • Have a strategy and a script in place. Make no attempt to “wing it.”
  • Keep it brief. Instead of an eight-minute narrative, aim for 1-3 minutes of captivating content.
  • Take note of the audio. Yes, it’s a video, but a good video needs a good soundtrack to go with it.
  • Wait until the weather improves. Showcase the home in the best possible light.
  • If you employ a professional actor for your video, he or she will practice until they are perfect. You should do the same.

  1. Creative Marketing Video – If you’re feeling adventurous, you may expand your video services to include a thematic marketing video. These videos, in addition to providing a thorough tour, present a story or create an ambiance while showcasing a property. Make up your own story.

    These thematic movies, which are usually held for listings at the upper end of the market with room in the budget for professional production, can build enthusiasm and interest in a property. Use a good real estate video editor to create impactful real estate marketing videos.

  2. Neighborhood Highlight Video – Every agent recognizes location is of prime importance in real estate deals. Before they commit to buying a house, your purchasers want to learn about the neighborhood. A video tour of the community is a useful tool for reaching out to all potential buyers.

Your walking tour of the neighborhood can be serious or amusing. It could include music or narration. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it truly portrays the community and you.

  1. Facebook Live Videos – Though you can take clients on a virtual tour of your home in real-time, a Facebook Live video event may be used for a lot more than just a property tour. Invite your audience to join you for a live interview with lenders, house inspectors, title agencies, or restaurant owners to leverage potential alliances.

    Alternatively, come up with a relevant real estate topic, let your clients know you’ll be going live, and allow them to participate in a Q&A session where they can ask questions, and you can answer them. You may also use Facebook Live to bring members of your community together.

  2. Instagram Story – The Instagram Story is on the opposite end of the spectrum from professionally produced content. These quick-hit social media marketing options allow you to take your audience “behind the scenes” of their real estate journey to places they might not otherwise see.

    This is the perfect opportunity to share a fast neighborhood event highlight or a preview video for a listing about to hit the market. Be inventive, but keep it short. A half-hour speech is not appropriate for an Instagram Story video.

  3. Client Testimonial Video – Of course, a new lead or client does not necessarily have to trust your word that you are a fantastic agent and a valuable resource. Allow current and former clients to speak for themselves in a testimonial film. A video, rather than anonymous written reviews that can be taken with a grain of salt, offers proof of real clients who are really satisfied with your service.

    Explain to your customers how important client testimonials are to you, and your happy clients will gladly return the favor. You can also synergize your opening video with excerpts from your client testimonials.

  4. Agent Introduction Video – Your business card and introduction real estate brochure are both useful tools for spreading your name and explaining who you are as an agent. Nothing, however, provides you the flexibility and range to make a lasting impression like a video introduction.

    This is because an introduction video is not live like a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, it allows you to precisely portray all the information about you and your company that you want to convey: your personality, knowledge, experience, and hobbies. Use a good real estate video editor to create impactful agent introduction videos. 

  5. Educational Video – Using informative films to nurture prospects, maintaining touch with old clients, or caring for those in your current cache is one of the finest ways to serve them. You could write a 2,500-word blog post about closing costs, but a well-edited Q&A with a local mortgage expert is far more interesting.

    You could do the same with a title agent who calms your nerves before closing, or an interior designer who shows you her ideas for a kitchen makeover or living room layout. Short videos can be used to educate your audience on a variety of real estate-related topics, and then shared via social media or a drip campaign.


Real estate videos can help you reach out to more people and generate more leads, which will help you develop your business. With the market being flooded with video content, your videos need to be in accordance with market standards to be able to garner views. With this blog, we hope to have provided you with some ideas that can help you understand what is trending in the world of real estate video marketing and how you can use it to your benefit.

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