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Abu Dhabi City Tour by Dubai Sightseeing Tours (2020)

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Complete Guide of Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour in the United Emirates offers many exciting activities to do in Abu Dhabi, the commercial and cultural center of the United Arab Emirates. It’s famous for its wide range of attractions like water parks, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants.

Top Five Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss at Your Abu Dhabi City Tour

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi sits a few miles off the coast on an uninhabited island in the Arabian (Arabian) Gulf, its main focus being on trade and oil exports. Beneath sparkling white marble domes, the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque features a huge Persian carpet, exquisitely arranged crystal chandeliers, and a capacity of up to 41,000 worshiped. Beneath the white marble domes and its own city’s sky-high clock tower, the expansive Jumeriah shopping center boasts a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes to keep tourists entertained for hours.

Visitors can explore Dubai in a traditional camel riding, or if they prefer, a traditional car. The capital city of Abu Dhabi also offers an easy transportation option through the ‘Zabeel’ expressway. Along with the city’s vibrant culture, there are also great places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Here’s a list of some popular attractions in Abu Dhabi:

Al Mohaira Island:

A small island situated near Abu Dhabi on the east coast of the Arabian Sea, Al Mohaira is an important archeological site that dates back at least 2020 years. A natural harbour, Al Mohaira is home to a large variety of fish and marine life, including rare marine turtles and stingrays.


Jumeriah is a shopping and entertainment center in Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed quarter, located adjacent to the Jumeriah Road. Jumeriah is best known as a major shopping and entertainment area, but it also has several hotels, restaurants, and bars, making it one of Abu Dhabi’s hottest tourist destinations.

Jumeriah is also home to the world’s second largest mall in the world, Jumeriah Square. The Jumeriah Square Mall is made up of a cluster of buildings, each housing its own department store, and is one of the most visited areas on Abu Dhabi’s business circuit. The shopping complex consists of a huge shopping center that hosts a mixture of local, national and international brands.


The second largest shopping center in Abu Dhabi is the Marina. Situated in the southern part of the Emirates, Marina is a shopping and entertainment complex consisting of several high-end shopping malls, restaurants and bars. Marina is also home to the Abu Dhabi Aquarium. The aquarium offers many fascinating exhibits.

The old and elegant Al Ahsan Mosque is an attraction for visitors who want to view the ancient Al Ahsan mosque in its original state of its original form. The mosque was rebuilt in 2020 after the first restoration and is an ideal place to see its original grandeur.

Marina Grand Hotel:

One of the world’s most luxurious and well-known hotels, the Marina Grand is located on the eastern side of the Al Ahsan Mosque. It offers an array of modern amenities, including swimming pools, restaurants, bars, cinemas, health clubs, saunas and shopping centers. The Marina Grand Hotel is also home to some of the best luxury shopping malls in the region and is one of the top five most visited hotels in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai Marina Park:

Located close to the Al-Shoura Int’l Business Park, the Dubai Marina Park is home to a variety of beautiful gardens, parks and lawns, which can be enjoyed by all guests. Visitors can also experience the amusement park situated nearby, while dining at one of the restaurants, and bars on the marina.

Tourists can take a trip to the Al-Noor Mosque to pray to their gods and ask blessings. There is also an interesting historical and archaeological museum, where you will be able to hear about the history of the Al-Omani community and learn about the religious beliefs of the people of the area.

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If you are looking for some entertainment, then you will love the Dubai Marina. With its vibrant nightlife, the Marina Grand Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy the city’s night life. The hotel is popular with locals and foreigners alike, as it offers great restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and nightclubs, as well as luxurious suites, meeting rooms and business facilities. There are also some affordable hotels available for you to rent from.


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