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Top Things to do in Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia is one of the most-visited cities in America where one can enjoy their vacation after the long-time lockdown. If you want to break free from the lockdown and want to experience the joy of traveling again, then Philadelphia will be best for the starter pack. To reach Philadelphia, you may need the best deals on flight tickets and for you that you can go for the Lufthansa Booking

But still, you are thinking, what do you do in Philadelphia? Where to start your exploration? Don’t worry! Here, in this post, you will get the list of top things to do in Philadelphia. Have a look,

  • Enjoy movies with your friend’s group

Well, drive-in movie entertainments are one of the best things you can experience while exploring Philadelphia. The best part of the drive-in movie theatres is that you can enjoy your favorite movie by maintaining social distancing. This is the perfect timing for travelers to visit Philadelphia to enjoy moving theatres as the Lehighton’s Mahoning Drive-in Theatre will open on the 2nd of April. They also have stocked snack bars to stop your craving when you are watching your favorite movie. 

  • Let’s have a stop at LOVE Park.

Love Park is officially renowned as the John F. Kennedy Plaza, where you can find the sculpture written “LOVE” in red letters. Spending time with your loved ones in the LOVE PARK will be one of the best things you can do in Philadelphia. You can indeed mark this place as your must-visit place of Philadelphia. This park is great for couples, groups and also for solo visits. One can feel deep love emotions here in this park. The timing of this park is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day. 

  • Witness the legendary Independence Hall

Are you a history lover and want to know more about Philadelphia’s history or the United States of America? Independence Hall will be the best place for you to explore. Situated in Independence National Historical Park, this red textured Georgian-style building inherited lots of historic experience inside it. This legendary building witness the famous debate of the constitution and the Declaration of Independence. While exploring here, you can also witness the Assembly Room where the legend George Washington was appointed as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. This place is worth visiting! 

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  • Explore Cherry Street Pier and Race Street Pier

Cherry Street Pier is a long-deserted pier that is now becoming famous among the visitors of Philadelphia. This location is now filled with tasty food stalls and several bars that allow wanderers to drink and listen to live music. Apart from this, Race Street Pier is a well-organized urban green space that invites park lovers to the mesmerizing lawns, spacious seating areas, lots of shade trees and beautiful scenery of Benjamin Franklin Bridge. 

  • Explore the Cave of Kelpius

The Cave of Kelpius is one of the amazing locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You will not find this cave interesting on the first look, but this cave has an amazing story behind it. If you believe in spiritual facts, this cave will surely make you interested in knowing the behind story. In the 17th century, monks took shelter in the Cave of Kelpius as they thought everything was going to end. But you will not find this fact about any travel guides. 

  • Witness the varieties in Reading Terminal 

Also pronounced as “Redding,” the Reading Terminal is considered as one of the largest and oldest urban markets in the United States of America. Foodies worldwide will love this place as there is no shortage of local delicacies to eat. From ethical food to cheesesteaks and ice creams to the tons of farm-fresh produce, you will indeed find something to eat that can make your day. You can indeed make a stop here with your friends and family to have a taste of delicious foods. 

  • Adventurous exploration in Wissahickon Valley Park

This 1800 acre Wissahickon Valley Park is one of the best destinations to enjoy doing adventurous mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking. Here you can also go fishing, enjoy picnics and bird-watching. The fresh air of Wissahickon Valley Park will surely offer you excitement and freshness in your life.

  • Explore the Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum is one of the largest public collections opened in 1929 with plasters, marbles and 150 bronzes by the iconic Auguste Rodin. This Museum showcases the life-span collection of artist careers, including The Kiss (The famous sculpture of two lovers by Rodin).

  • Feel the soothing ambiance of the Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple was built in the late 19th century. It was decorated by an artist named George Herzog. This beautiful and sturdy temple is one of the largest of its kind and has seven meeting rooms. The seven meeting rooms with dedicated ideal structural forms consist of Ionic, Corinthian, Gothic, Norman, Oriental, Renaissance and Egyptian. 

Final Verdict:

This post will surely offer you the list of top things that you can do in Philadelphia. If you are interested in visiting here with your family and friends, then British Airways Booking will be the perfect choice for you to do single or group ticket reservations. 


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