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Advantages of Developing Ludo Game App for Your Business

The Ludo game is one of the most popular board games all across the globe. It is played among 2 to 4 players. In this, players race their four tokens from start to finish across to the role of the single die. The term Ludo is derived from the Indian game “Pachisi”. The Ludo game app has many different variants under different names in many countries. This game requires strategy, tactics, counting, and probability skills to play and compete with others. Since the 1800s, it has become people’s first choice to play Ludo with full enthusiasm and enjoyment.

As the globe shuts down in this pandemic, there is a massive increase and demand for online ludo games. People prefer to play Ludo online rather than offline in their comfort zones, and the traffic & demand for online ludo games multi-folds. A recent report by Times Now suggested that people prefer to play online ludo games more on smartphones & this figure roughly reaches around 95% of smartphone ludo players and the rest of tablets and PCs.

Analyzing these facts and figures, various companies are trying to develop ludo games like traditional ones with advanced features. Moreover, many construction scheduling software business investors are looking forward to investing in the gaming industry because the investment is low and returns are high. As a result, many companies are switching towards hiring expert and skillful developers. They use advanced technologies to build something new and innovative in the Ludo and drive it onto the next level.

The developer’s ultimate goal is to fulfill the customers’ needs & requirements and also work beyond their expectations. Therefore, they want to develop a ludo game software like real ones to attract potential customers. Moreover, they want to integrate the game with real money in a virtual format to enjoy it more, find interest in competing with others in several tournaments & matches, and win exciting cash rewards and prizes.

Several features can be integrated into the ludo game application to make it much more attractive to the audience. These include:-

1. Online Multiplayer

This feature allows two or more players to play and enjoy multiplayer mode by sitting anywhere in the world.

2. Play with friends & family

The Ludo game software allows the players to enjoy, play & compete with their friends or family members by creating their private rooms or table in the game.

3. Online/Offline Mode

The ludo game development company allows both offline and online modes. The players can seamlessly play Ludo using highly advanced Ludo software. If they want, they can play and compete online, or if they wish to, they can also play offline; it depends on the player’s choice.

4. In-App Purchase

It must integrate modern ludo game apps with in-app purchases to scale up its revenue by paid feature unlocks.

5. Daily Bonuses

Ludo games developed by our ludo game software developer also feature daily bonus options to keep them engaged in the fun.

6. Chat Option

Ludo games developed must facilitate an integrated chat option to communicate directly to the opponent. This feature is essential to plan and play the game in a team strategically. It is mainly found in modern gaming apps.

7. Rewards & Loyalties

The best ludo game app development must come with rewards & loyalty features so that gaming ventures can run their dedicated loyalty programs & attract the players.

8. RNG Certified Games

Ludo games developed at Mobzway gaming studio come with rewards & loyalty features so that gaming ventures can run their dedicated loyalty programs.

9. Anti-Fraudulent System

It must incorporate the game with robust security systems to keep the gaming environment safe & secure from unwanted frauds & cyber attacks.

10. Responsive Gaming

Many companies hire ludo game developers that are experts in building responsive gaming. While creating games, keeping responsible gaming is the top-most priority for every game development company & build games that maintain user privacy.

11. Multi-language support

What’s more delightful than getting a Ludo game interface in your native language. It must integrate ludo game apps with multiple language options to select their native language to play. This feature helps to grab more & more audiences all across the globe within the shortest time & the popularity will rapidly grow up.

12. Secured Payment

It must integrate modern ludo game apps with the payment gateway system with instant transactions in deposit and withdrawal.

13. Multiple Device Compatibility

Your ludo software must be compatible with multiple devices like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. So, it is easier for the players to play from different devices.

14. Customer Support

An expert team of support members must always be active in resolving customer’s problems & queries and providing 24*7 hours of keen monitoring. Many business investors find it a golden opportunity to invest in developing an online ludo game app for them.

So here we are discussing six significant advantages to build the ludo game app for your business.

Rapid increasing demand

With the rise of the digital era, the demand for online games also increases & the online gaming market expands rapidly; seeing this, the need for online Ludo keeps on growing. People prefer to play ludo games online rather than offline as if Ludo is one of the most popular board games.

Easy to build

You are thinking about how to make a ludo game app less complex due to the simple functionality. Developers find Ludo as easy to build games if talking concerning the basic features, but the overall development complexity increases if adding up new latest & advanced features.

Simple rules and regulations

The rules and regulations for playing the online ludo game are straightforward and similar to traditional ones. New players understand the laws and rules to play the ludo game very quickly. They don’t require any of the prior skills & effort to learn & understand them.

More audience retention

As the game is very much exciting and full of enthusiasm & enjoyment. Players and newcomers find it easy & simple to play. Also, the game developers are rapidly trying to build the ludo game similarly to that of traditional ones with new integrated features. They can gain more audience attention towards it.

Marketing Tactics

Many of the business investors find online ludo games as the best source to by simply applying smart marketing tips and tactics to gain more potential audience or customers so that it is easy to build a strong base of the business and slowly & rapidly it will rise & grow and once in a while reaches the top.


Building the basic ludo game is not too complicated compared to building other games with the low investment. You can earn a high profit, but the prices may vary if you want to integrate some new advanced features into your application.

All such things mentioned above are essential that determine why developing an online ludo game app for your business is a crucial & successful idea.


By interpreting & analyzing all these points, if you are confused & try to search for the best online ludo game app development company, Mobzway Technologies is a perfect choice.

It is a leading game app development company that provides the best-in-class gaming apps with their solutions and services to the customers & various other global business investors worldwide. They outshine the online gaming industry. They have the blend of expertise and skillful developers, designers, engineers, testing, marketing & support team that make all this possible for contributing to developing the best gaming application to their valuable clients. The innovations are unique, and the solutions are remarkable that deliver the best software solution & services to you.

They have evolved as one of the leading industry leaders in the online skill-based gaming industry, which constantly strives for excellence & betterment. It has developed numerous online games & apps with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, it has an array of gaming features that have elevated them to much more trending online.

The team of experienced developers at Mobzway creates high-quality and high-ending gaming features. They give players a world-class gaming experience in one go. They also provide all-around security from unwanted frauds & attacks and also 24/7 hours of keen monitoring. It also supports multiple payment options to facilitate instant safe & secure payment transactions in deposit & withdrawal as many times as they want.

It is also a leading business consulting firm all over the globe. Mobzway will guide you in your business plans & goals and also strategize you to earn more profit and generate excellent revenue. They counsel you by telling you secret tips and tricks to grow and expand your business in a shorter time. They provide free business consultation to their gaming operators as well.

Connect with the team for any queries whenever you want from the expert support team staff through live chats anytime & anywhere.

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