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Breaking the Myth of Pop Top Caravans

A caravan is growing insanely popular among people these days. You can use it while going for a picnic or setting up a mobile business. These caravans provide tremendous flexibility in usage, making it a handy investment for the long term. Among various types of caravans, we will have a look at the pop-top caravans and its variants and how it can be useful for business as well as pleasure.

How is a Pop Top Caravan Different from a Conventional Caravan?

The pop top caravans are built along the same line as a conventional caravan except that in these, the roof is not fixed, which means the roof skirt can be pushed higher or pulled back down according to the requirement. A gusset, made of canvas or vinyl, with a length between 300-400mm is used to protect the interior when the roof requires to be altered.

The roof skirt functions as a shield from outside disturbances, such as, heavy rainfall or strong wind flow, keeping the interior space protected all the time. It has zippered flyscreen windows, just like tents, that allows necessary airflow inside the caravan.

Although it may sound tough, the roof-alteration process is not that difficult. For the buyers’ convenience, manufacturers nowadays install gas struts and spring-lifters for easy pop or shut down. Pop-tops doesn’t normally have big spaces to accommodate big cupboards or even a high door, but after raising the roof, users can find ample space along with good ventilation.

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pop top caravans melbourne
pop top caravans melbourne


  • Standard: These are the most common types and an observer can easily recognize this as a pop-top caravan. It is similar to the normal caravans except the flexible roof which is the sole thing included in these designs, that can be enlarged as per the need.
  • Expanding: This type of caravan is similar to the standard pop-top ones in terms of size, weight, and height. But the fact that it supports an additional pop-out end makes it different from others. You can accommodate a queen-size bed inside it and some larger versions have the capacity to accomoodate up to eight people.
  • Off-Road: Manufactures argue over the tolerance level of caravans on tough roads and in extreme weather conditions. Yet, they have produced a variant which in spite of having the same design tech in suspension, body structure, or chassis, is tough enough to be immune to the rough conditions.
  • Camper Style: This one comes with effective winch and pulley system. Upon set-up, camper styles can reach the height of a normal caravan and when packed, reach the height of a camper-trailer.


  • Due to the low height of this caravan, wind resistance cannot affect the van in transition.
  • The presence of springs and gusts make the erection of the roof easy.
  • These caravans are very easy to store and can easily fit into your garage.
  • The design of these caravans is more compact than the normal which helps in smoother movement.


  • Lack of full-overhead cupboards, which may be a negative thing for some buyers who are into business and want extra space to store their commodities.
  • Doors in this type of caravan are not that high. So, if you are a tall person you need to be careful every time you enter or exit.
  • Due to comparatively complex assembly of numerous parts, these caravans need to be maintained more frequently and carefully.

Final Takeaway

Despite being a compact build, the pop-top caravan offers almost all the features that are included in a normal caravan, such as entertainment unit, kitchen and sink, toilet, fridge, air conditioner, single or more beds. So, while choosing the right van, you may compare what is missing in the said caravan type. But you will eventually learn that most basic and necessary amenities are equipped into this one, giving you a fantastic choice over the conventional caravans.


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