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Check New Boutique Packaging which are Trending in 2020

Luxury Boutique Boxes are an ideal solution for the packaging of luxurious clothing items. They have a magnificent appeal that stands in line with the quality of the packaged apparel. Manufactured out of the rigid cardboard material, they offer complete protection to products from all unfavorable conditions. Their surface coatings further enhance their protection factor while giving them a nice smooth feel that adds to their elegance. They are flexible in their customization and can be manufactured in unlimited styles, shapes, and sizes. Die-cut windows can also be crafted on them for enhanced product visibility. Information can be projected on them in multiple ways for product and brand identification.

Why it’s the First Choice?

Boutique packaging is used for high-end clothing items. Their elegant aura enhances the worth of the packaged apparel and presents them alluringly to the customers. They are made with the consumption of the finest quality rigid cardboard that provides the apparel its desired protection factor. They can be coated with various laminations to attain the desired surface finish while getting enhanced resilience as well. Transparent windows can also be added in them to enhance the visibility of products and increase their desirability. Unlimited printing options are available to enhance their appearance.

Brand first Priority

The changing clothing trends raise the need for brands to change their packaging trends as well. If you are also a clothing brand, you need to innovate your packaging designs to keep pace with the modern world and fulfill the changing demands of your customers. Here are the latest trends that you must follow in order to make the trendiest boutique packaging for your apparel and enjoy appreciation from your customers.

Minimalist Approach:

Minimalism, minimalism, and minimalism. 2020 is all about minimalism when it comes to product packaging. Be it a cosmetic product packaging or a dress packaging box, you will find most of them in minimal designs and lesser colors. Many boutiques already have a minimalist approach towards the packaging of their apparel. Consider Couverture and the Garbstore’s packaging, it has a nice grey base color to its boxes with nothing on them other than the name of the brand stamped elegantly with gold foiling. Browns Fashion has also set the coolest trend by using a white matte packaging printed at the bottom with half-cut letters of the brand name printed boldly with black color. The simplicity in both of their packaging associates sophistication and lavishness with their brand. Moreover, it gives the impression that the name of the brand is enough to make a difference and entice the customers. This exhibits the confidence they have in their names and compels the customers to trust them blindly.

Rigid Packaging:

Rigid packaging is nothing new but it is expected to remain trending even in 2020 as well. Most of the luxury boutiques and clothing brands use rigid cardboard packaging for their products. The sturdiness of this material exhibits extravagance while its smooth surface portrays fineness. People always want to justify the money they have spent on their purchase in all possible ways. So besides the caliber of the product, they also count the quality of its packaging. Brands are well aware of this fact so they invest in making premium quality packaging for their apparel with the finest quality rigid cardboard material. Tommy Hilfiger is one good example as all of its products are served in rigid boxes. Be it their shirt packing box or a shoebox, you will find all of them to have a rigid structure. Although the styles of boxes are different according to the product specifications and requirements but the material is the same rigid one.

Abstract Designs:

Abstract designs are never out of trend so they will surely remain trendy in the latest year as well. They have an aesthetic appeal that inspires every beholding eye. They are perfect to give an artistic touch to your boutique packaging. The packaging of the famous brand Matches Fashion is an exemplary example in this regard. They have abstract patterns on the whole of their boxes printed with different earthy colors. It sets their packaging apart from the rest and gives them an exclusive representation. One thing to remember while using such patterns is that you must not include any text on your packaging as it will create a haphazard look. Also, it will not highlight them rather make them lost in the colors and patterns. What Matches Fashion does is that they do not incorporate any text on the face of their boxes but smartly place their brand name on the inside of the opening flap of the boxes which is ideally the best way in such kind of packaging designs.

 Trending Future for Boutique Packaging

Now that you know the trends that will prevail in 2020, you can come up with the trendiest boutique packaging that will be highly admired by your customers. It will make your brand perceived as a modern brand that keeps evolving with time and has an eye on every latest innovation and trend that enters the market. This will give you an edge over your competitors and heighten your image in the industry

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