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Common Ac problems you should know of

Summers can be considered the most irritating yet beautiful season. If you have the luxury of an Air Conditioner to deal with the scorching heat of summer, then you will always enjoy your afternoon. Nowadays, Air Conditioners are not luxurious. However, they are the most normal electrical accessories for households. Therefore, air conditioners can be one of the most essential appliances. 

Imagine it’s the summer afternoon, and your air conditioner stops working! Isn’t it the ugliest and worst scenario? Even after updating the maintenance checklist of air conditioners and several regular service sessions, air conditioners might run into problems. 

Here are some of the most common problems which might stop your AC from working. Looking for services of Air Conditioning, Adelaide then does check out services from Thompson Air

  • Water leakage 

As we all know, most of the time, an Air conditioner has two units, one indoor and another outdoor. When you witness leakage in the indoor unit, it’s time for maintenance service. Clogged condensate pipes can cause indoor leakage. 

Or another reason for the same is the breakage in the condensate pump. There are several reasons for the water leakage in the outdoor unit, such as improper installation, dry air filter, broken condensate pan, etc. If your Air Conditioner is giving you a hard time, be sure to seek assistance from professional air conditioning Adelaide service providers.

  • Refrigerant leak

The technical name of Ac refrigerant is Freon. AC refrigerant is responsible for cooling air. If AC refrigerant leaks, your Air Conditioner will not work correctly. It will directly affect the efficiency of AC. It leads to high power consumption and coil freezing and causes damage to the compressor.  

  • Dry AC filter 

As the name suggests, AC filters are responsible for circulating clear and free airflow, free from pollutants and dust. The broken or clogged Ac filters may restrict the airflow. Dirty AC filters freeze the condenser, affecting AC’s cooling efficiency. 

  • Damaged Compressor

The compressor is one of the most integral components of an Air conditioner. The main work of the compressor is to help Air Refrigerants to do heat exchange, and it also helps regulate AC pressure. 

Damage or breakage can be caused by several causes, such as dirty coils, damage to the Refrigerant, and lack of lubrication. When there is damage to the refrigerant, the compressor will get exhausted. 

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil 

If your air conditioner is not cooling correctly, then a damaged or frozen evaporator coil can be one of the causes. This is widespread when a unit doesn’t get enough air to function properly due to debris build-up. The clogged or frozen evaporator coil restricts the airflow. Another part of the picture is about refrigerants getting cold, preventing the coil from absorbing heat.

Final Overview

It is very important to have regular service and maintenance sessions from professional air conditioning Adelaide service providers, which will make them work smoothly and more efficiently. Seek professional help to avail immediate solutions.

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