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Cost for Outdoor Pest Control Services in Noida

Pests have been a subject of concern for both homeowners as well as business-owners in Noida. Even the one pest is enough to give your sleepless nights so just imaging what will happen if you have different pests’ infestation at your home. For pest control in Noida people call the best pest control service provider in Noida. Pest infestation needs to be managed immediately and also know how they invade your house so that you can prevent their entry.

We know the urgency to get rid of the pest problem you are facing. So, for this you can hire Pest Control Company in Noida. But, you will need to understand that the cost of outdoor pest control in Noida will be different from indoor pest control service. Yes, there are so many things that a pest control company considers before calculating the outdoor pest control charges. But, what they can assure you all is the effect pest control solution.

You must know that pest control charges in Noida vary from company to company depending on various factors. Here are the list of the factors that affects outdoor pest control charges in Noida: –

  • Type of the pest infestation
  • Size of the area
  • Type of the pest control treatment
  • Number of treatment

Apart from this the company can charge you for the quality of the service, brand reputation, GST, etc. This means before availing the service, you must collect their price quotes in order to know whether they are fitting within your budget or not.

Now, let’s see the cost of outdoor pest control in Noida.

Charges for pest control service for commercial plot will be approx. Re1/sq.ft. Basically the charges start from Rs 600 and it go up to Rs 1000 depending on the requirement of the client. Pest Control Companies not only estimate their fees or charges depending on the size of the area infested but the type of the pest control also affects their price. Termite control will cost from Rs 1200 – Rs 9000 for 1BHK- 5BHK, ant control charges Rs 700 – 1200 for 1BHK – 5BHK, mosquito control charges from Rs 1700 – 2500, Birds spikes Rs 120/sq.ft., etc.

If you want to know how much you will be charged for outdoor pest control in Noida for your residential or commercial plot then get free price quotes from pest control companies in Noida through any online portal. There are many online portals that help you to choose the best pest control in Delhi within your budget.

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