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Delight Yourself with Devil’s Tower Wyoming & San Diego Beaches

No geology lover does not knows this place. Not even a traveler who loves the natural parks of the United States can resist. What are we talking about? From Devil’s Tower, a natural elevation of 386 meters high, which became popular with the 1906 film “Encounters in the Third Phase”, for being the site where extraterrestrial contacts were made in the film.

Geologically, Devil’s Tower is a totally natural volcanic neck, where some of its visible rocks are between 195 and 225 million years old. Its appearance is reddish in certain areas due to the oxidized iron minerals that make it up. If you know this place and stay until sunset, you will see how the tones intensify.

There are various theories about its origin and formation, one of them is that many years ago it was hidden at sea level, and in the tertiary period, that is, around 65 million years ago, it rose 1,200 meters. Currently, it is 1,500 meters above sea level.

After rising above sea level, nature together with the erosion of water and wind, were in charge of shaping its appearance and giving it its polygonal shape. Travelers who know them come to doubt whether each of these stones is really molded naturally, due to the artificial aspect that they sometimes transmit.

Not everything is Devil’s Tower

When you visit the park you can walk the 5 kilometers that surround it. You will contemplate nature without many people around you, which makes it a real pleasure to visit this place.

One of the companies that you will have, are the animals that are along the trails, among them the “prairie dogs” that, when they see visitors, hide or stare at you with curiosity while you make your tour with a car service provider.

The vegetation is another characteristic of the National Park and the sound that the wind makes when colliding with the different shapes of the rocks will amaze you. To get to this beautiful spot you must take Highway 110 through the Black Hills. This road is named Devils Tower-National Monument Road, in honor of the park.

Curiosities of the monument

Officially it is believed that its original name is Devils Tower or La Torre de Los diablos in Spanish, apparently, there was a mistake with the original name Devil’s Tower, which was an interpretation of “Dios Malo” by indigenous terms. Apparently who wrote the trade, at the end of the 19th century, did not put the apostrophe hence the confusion.

Devils Tower was the first national monument declared in the country by then-President Theodore Roosevelt, in September 1906. The park covers about 5 kilometers around the volcanic tower.

the first ascent

In 1893, two ranchers from the community managed to make the first ascent of the national monument. In a vertical crack that they found in one of the sides of the Devil’s Tower, they nailed wooden blocks and made a kind of ladder. And on July 4, 1893, in front of all the neighbors and families who came to the place, they climbed. The staircase could be used until 1927 and today many tourists can see traces of it.

Of the 400,000 visitors who come to the monument annually, 1% scale the natural stone tower using traditional climbing techniques.

Legends surrounding the national monument

All the indigenous tribes of the area have a different legend, regarding the formation of La Torre del Diablo, the best known is the Indian legend and tells that seven young virgins of the tribe were persecuted by ferocious bears.

Trying to protect themselves, they climbed a rock and asked the Great Spirit for help, who upon hearing their request made the rock rise, and the bears, trying to reach them by climbing, left scratches on the walls (being the lines of rocks that come at the monument).

Another very similar version only says that it was about two children who were also chased by wild bears and invoked Waken Tanka and the same thing ended up happening in the first story. Now the Cheyenne tradition is a little different and tells that girls and boys got together to hunt the bear, which they can only kill with an arrow in the back of one leg, and climbed the Devil’s Tower, which was a point where they could aim while staying safe from the beast and in this way they managed to finish him off.

There are many legends around this monument, the truth is that your visit will not leave you disappointed, you will enjoy contact with nature.

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San Diego: The ideal destination for beach lovers

Both day and night, San Diego enchants all visitors with its 112 kilometers of beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Along with divine weather, unparalleled friendliness of the locals, California’s largest city, and the world’s largest naval fleet, it offers a near-perfect blend of laid-back beach culture and urban sophistication.

To give you an idea of ​​how big San Diego is, more than 5 million people live in the metropolitan area alone. In addition, it is a border city with Mexico, exactly with the city of Tijuana, since it is in the southeastern part of the United States. This proximity leads it to have a temperate climate, very Mediterranean. Characteristics that have given it part of its fame, because it combines with its beaches.

The birthplace of California, as many have named it, offers something for everyone, both on land and in the water. The Mission Bay water park is one of the family attractions that you will find, as well as the famous SeaWorld if you are a lover of the marine world.

You can visit the largest urban cultural park in the country: Balboa Park, or visit one of its 17 museums, the famous zoo. And if you’re addicted to selfishness, you can’t miss a visit to Torre California, and photograph the structure characterized by Spanish neo-colonial architecture.

This place is so versatile and so good in every way that it’s also known as the craft beer capital of the country.

In San Diego, there are so many places to visit, stories to discover, and experiences to describe, that we don’t know if this article will be enough to convey it to you. Therefore, if you are planning your next vacation, either alone or with your family, consider the eighth-largest city in the United States as your destination.

Paradise beaches

For lovers of sand and surf, San Diego County is a fascinating destination, and if you go try to wait for sunset, we promise you will not regret it. Although we would like to describe each of the beaches that you find on the entire Californian coast, we could not, instead, we will leave you with four essential tourist places where you will find some of the best beaches.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

This place protects 607 hectares of land along the entire coast of La Jolla, since it preserves the Torrey pine that is in danger of extinction, only about three thousand copies remain. It is one of the wildest places in San Diego and the beach is beautiful, it also has cliffs. It is a place where you can enjoy a good root or ginger beer.

Coronado Beach or San Diego Bay

They consider it one of the best beaches in the United States because of its breadth, its calm waters, and soft, golden sand. It is characterized by the Hotel Coronado, which has dazzled presidents, celebrities, and guests with its beach views since 1888. Constant renovations and modernizations have allowed the hotel to continue operating, one of its main attractions is yoga in the sand and mermaid fitness classes

Swami’s Beach

In the community where this beach is located, the surf culture is very strong due to the large swells and good waves. Swami is my favorite among all the local places. If you just want to spend your free time you have Seaside, Pipes, where you can delight in a breakfast burrito, and D Street, among the best. And to complete a relaxing route you can take a walk through the gardens of the community of realization.

Belmont Park at Mission Beach

The beach where you will find a seaside amusement park that provides enjoyable experiences, built-in 1925, is the main attraction of Mission Beach. In addition to a peaceful and beautiful shore, in the park, you can enjoy mini-golf, an arcade, and even a carousel.

LaJolla Cove

The best animals to enjoy when you observe a landscape are in this place, La Jolla Cove is home to sea lions and seals, you can easily walk around the place while they play or sunbathe along the coast. Even from land, you can enjoy them. For romantics, there is the Sunny Jim sea cave, or simply go swimming or kayaking with the different agencies that offer the service.

As many say in San Diego “Happiness calls you”, it does not matter if it is with your family, alone or as a couple you have to take time and get to know this destination that will leave you speechless and with its Mexican influence you will discover picturesque, fresh and full of creativity. See also for Hawaii

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