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Do international schools provide the best education? What’s the real picture?

international schools

Education is an integral part of our lives. We can enrich ourselves through education. Nowadays, many affluent families enroll their children in international schools for their overall development. They aspire to move abroad for higher studies, and studying in these kinds of schools gives them the required exposure.

The students get quality education of a high standard in these schools. Learning is an extended form of playing for them. They enjoy the process of learning and are always excited to learn something new. Students who do well in these schools do not memorize definitions.

They understand and internalize the concepts taught in their classes. They receive top-class facilities both in terms of technology and infrastructure. They get to learn from esteemed educators from all around the globe. Students who excel also receive prestigious scholarships from the schools.

Different Approach of the International Schools

International schools promote the branch of discovery learning, a concept that Jerome Bruner coined. This theory of education opposes rote learning, which is one of the elements of education in traditional schools. Discovery learning is the process in which the child learns through his experiences.

They gain practical knowledge that stays in their long-term memory. Students who discover their knowledge can easily solve critical problems by utilizing that knowledge and skills. They have innovative ideas and solutions to the most challenging problems. They can brainstorm and even create a new solution altogether.

They have excellent communication skills that help them easily mix with new people coming from different backgrounds from all over the world. They participate in debates, elocution, and other knowledge-based activities that enable them to speak freely and boldly in public.

These students have much potential. They can stand out in the crowd and make a mark of their own. Those who want to come back to their motherland, i.e., India, have many ideas that change the way things work in the country. They can initiate the process of change in work culture in the country.

They can imply the knowledge and skills gathered abroad and transform the whole scenario and work culture. They become team leaders and play a crucial part in bringing a positive change in whichever organization they work for.  In this way, they can better the lives of many, create employment, and enhance the country’s GDP.

These students understand the importance of knowledge in building an equitable, social, and economic world. These young minds are politically conscious and do not go with the flow.

Many international schools in Delhi NCR or the national capital region have successfully achieved this goal of providing the children with value education so that they do not go astray. They have been able to educate their students in such a way that they aim to bring a change in their own country.

They realize the potential of the masses and how they can serve the country better. No country is born perfect. It has to be made perfect through proper planning execution and support from the higher authorities. As citizens of this land, we must respect our nation alongside carrying forward the traditional beliefs.

Many of these schools are boarding schools where children lead a disciplined life right from the start. They learn the value of time, hard work, and equality. They understand how important the act of sharing is. The school library is a sea of knowledge that makes one humble.

Students are often inspired after reading biographies of great men. They get highly motivated after learning about the struggles and challenges they had to face for being successful. A true human being will always think about the upliftment of the common people.

They regularly monitor the behavior of all their students. If someone is behaving unnaturally, they immediately inform the parents and the local guardians. They also arrange psychological counselling sessions for the students. They take good care of their pupils so they can adapt to the changing atmosphere and in due course lead a healthy life both physically and mentally.   

If high-quality education is imparted in the right way, it can help students value their country’s heritage. He will not shrug off his duties towards his parents or the nation. A well-balanced education is of utmost importance to create a democratic society.

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