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How Can You Find Airlines Mistake Fares and What They Are?

Have you ever heard the term mistake fares?

When an airline or any travel agency, mistakenly, sells an airline ticket at a price, that is quite less than what they had intended, is termed as “mistake fare”. You just need to be quick enough to notice the error in flight price before the airline does. Mistake fares can help you to find cheap flights. You should know which are the booking sites that will fetch you mistake fares and you can avail the best deal in flights.

So, if you are among the ones who aspire to travel the world, but their pocket does not permit, you can take the help of mistake fares to reduce your cost of travelling. Apart from cheap or free accommodation, or searching reasonable volunteer programs, the key to travelling on a low cost budget is booking reasonable flights with the help of airline mistake fares.

 What are the Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Mistake Fares?

  • Mistake in Currency Conversion: An airline can make a mistake in listing a wrong price due to an error in currency conversion.
  • Fuel Surcharges: Whenever you find that your airline ticket price has gone down, you’ll notice much of the cost comes down to taxes and fuel surcharges. The cost of these fuel charges goes down every now and then.
  • Human error: A mistake in listing a wrong fare usually happens when someone unknowingly publishes a typing error. For example, it can happen that a stressed out employee accidentally types $100 in place of $1000 at the end of his shift.
  • Computer glitch: It rarely happens but sometimes, a glitch in a computer can  result in a mistake in airfare. Once, in the year 2013 , an airline ticket was sold at a much lowered fare of $7 USD, from several US cities to Hawaii and this error occurred due to a computer glitch.

It is true that a mistake fare can. But the question is how and where do you find such a deal?

Search for Mistake Fares on Skyscanner

You’ll be happy to know that you can locate mistake fares even if you do not log out of the site. If you have particular destinations in mind and searching for a good deal to reduce your traveling cost, you can simply search for a flight on any app or on the web.

Get Email Alerts on Flights

You can sign up for getting alerts in email through error fare websites. Email alerts can give you all the updates on the latest airline mistake fares and secret travel deals. If you want to get notified about price drops , you can set a price alert.

Keep a Track of the ” Mistake Fare” Hunters on Social Media

Another site where you can search for secret flights is The site has a group of deal hunters who are always on the lookout for mistake fares. Airfare Watchdog has the collection of 50 leading cheapest flights. The site gets updated on a daily basis as a result of which you can get an error fare that’s still free for the taking.

Use Google Explore Flights

You can also take help of Google Explore Flights to find the latest cheap flights for any destination and on various dates.

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