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Most Important Things to Consider When Buying a Rug!

Just imagine how uncomfortable and impersonal your room looks without a rug!

The task of rugs is not only to give comfort and a pleasant look, but they also take care of the safety of all family members. These elements are considered excellent air cleaners. But how to choose from the wide variety of colourful modern area rugs that will suit you? 

Usually, when entering a store, your head starts to spin from the vast variety of rugs of all prices and sizes. In this question, it is worth considering the place in which rug will be located, taking into account the financial capabilities and loads to which rug will be subjected.  

Rugs help make the interior more comfortable, stylish, and safe. Designers use them to divide space into functional zones and vice versa. In addition, rugs can protect flooring from damage in the most walkable parts of the room. Well, this guide will help you to choose a high-quality, unusual and most suitable for your interior rug. So, let’s have a look at the following. Bowron Sheepskins offers a collection of genuine lambskin decorative rugs & throws. View the latest seasonal hues & textured rugs.


Table of Content

Things to Consider While Buying a Rug

  • Match the Rug to the Type of Room
  • Materials of Rugs
  • Consider Rugs Sizes
  • Think About Colour and Pattern
  • Choose a Rug By Patterns
  • Density of Rugs


Things to Consider While Buying a Rug


Match the Rug to the Type of Room

Before choosing a rug for any room, you need to decide how it will be best – to lay one large rug on the entire floor or several small ones in separate areas. For the bedroom, you need to select long-nap products in pastel colour, preferably from natural materials. A rug with a short pile and a bright colourful image is suitable for a nursery. To choose the right rug for the living room, you should pay attention to models of increased density with a short or medium pile. A  rug without lint or with short fibers is purchased in the hallway. The base is a rubber coating. 

Materials of Rugs

Rugs are often woven from wool. The service life of such a rug is 50 years. Cotton rugs are popular for cleansing the room from allergens, so they are more often used in places where children play. Small cotton rugs are used in the bathroom and toilet. Models made of artificial materials are cheap. But, they do not fade and are easily washed. These are viscose, polyamide, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic and bamboo. Polyamide is a wear-resistant, durable, resilient and non-combustible material. Such rugs are reasonable but have to be replaced after 5 years. For example, the cheap rugs online in Australia are available at affordable prices.

Consider Rugs Sizes

Between the edge of the rug and furniture or wall, you need to leave 30-40 cm space. Standard sizes of produced rugs must be:


  • Small – Rectangular 50×80 cm, Round 90 cm diameter
  • Average – Rectangular 120×180 cm, Round 150 cm diameter
  • Large – Rectangular 160×230 cm, Round 160 cm diameter
  • Very big – Rectangular 190×290 cm


If the rug is chosen for accent, it is worth taking a medium size. The rug intended for furniture must be 60-80 cm longer and wider than the piece of furniture. Manufacturers produce rectangular, round, oval and polygonal rugs. There are also square, trapezoidal and curly shapes, but there are no large sizes among them. Geometric rugs are appropriate in any style and room. Models are popular with rounded corners so that they do not twist. 

Think About Colour and Pattern

If the shades of the rug and walls are in the same colour scheme, then dark bulky objects will visually decrease. The warm colour of curtains, rug and pillows make the room feel warmer. A room with a neutral rug provides a gentle and calm atmosphere. When deciding which rug to choose by colour, one must take into account that it matches the shade of the walls, furniture, textiles and the colour of the floor covering. If you do not want a bright rug, you should make a model of a universal palette like beige or brown shades.

Choose a Rug By Patterns

With contrasting vertical stripes, the room looks wider. The gradient pattern balances the distance in a long and narrow room. For a room with a monochrome finish, choose a rug with a large pattern. With the help of patterns, zones in the room are distinguished. Make sure you are not creating too many patterns. The main thing is to choose a rug for the floor with the correct pattern or ornament by taking into account the style of the room.

Density of Rugs

The quality of the rug depends on the number of knots per square meter. The higher this indicator, the longer the service life. If you use thick and coarse natural threads, you get a useful, no-frills rug with a low density of 38-100 thousand knots per square meter. Medium-density is achieved using natural, synthetic or blended fibers. The result is a pleasant and soft pile. High density with 325-1000 knots is durable and expensive rugs. When bending the product with a tight-knit, the base is not visible.


When buying rugs in an online sale, you need to pay attention to the characteristics associated with the practicality of the product, as well as how it will be in harmony with the rest of the interior elements. Whatever the price of the rug you would like to purchase, it is important to consider the above-mentioned points.

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