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How to Choose a Google Ads Campaign Structure

It’s a new year. Therefore, it’s time to look into additional means to promote your brand.

If you’ve considered using Ads by Google, you’re going to want to learn every detail before creating your first ad campaign.

One of the first areas you’ll need to understand is the Google Ads campaign structure, which you’ll better understand once you read this guide. Moreover, you’ll know how to select the best structure to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

What Goes Into Google Ads?

Before diving into the various campaign structures, you’ll want to understand how Google advertisers work—or at least a refresher. So here’s everything that goes into a typical Google Ad campaign:

  • Target keyword: when a user searches for a keyword you’re targeting, it’ll trigger your ad. You’ll want to perform keyword research to ensure you target keywords that aren’t too competitive and costly.
  • Campaign ad groups: these are groups of ads that share sets of bids and keywords. An ad group should contain at least two to three ads.
  • Campaign ad copy: the text that’ll appear on the search engine results page (SERP). It’s what your user will see, so you’ll need to craft copy that’ll snatch users’ attention.
  • Landing pages: the destination of your ad’s link. Ensure you only attach pages relevant to the keywords you target for your ad campaign.

Each Google Ads Campaign Structure: Your Options

Keep in mind that there are various additional Google Ads campaign structures; however, we chose the best 3 structures to guide you to your first campaign.

If you’re still having difficulty understanding each campaign structure and where to begin, you may want to consider looking into Google Ads consulting services. That way, you’re not wasting money on unfruitful campaigns.

By Age

A great way to maximize your ad spend is by spending more on specific age groups than others. Before using this structure, you’ll need existing data to enhance your results. Also, the amount of research you’ll need to perform many technical tasks like excluding specific keywords.

Dynamic Search Ads

It makes ads easy to create by using your website’s data rather than requiring you to perform keyword research. But with this structure, you won’t have control over your ad’s conversion ability.

Hagakure Method

When using this structure, you’ll give Google complete control over your ad campaigns. Google will use all of the collected data to make its decisions for your campaign. However, first, you’ll want some impressions per ad group before using this structure. Let’s explore the best SEO & best sem course at Aesperon Academy and improve your Google rankings and get more clicks from paid ads on search engines.

Start Your Campaign: Drive Leads To Your Product

While it may take you a while to figure out your ideal Google Ads campaign structure, you now should have a decent starting point to help you begin. So use these tips and start your first Google campaign to get your product in front of potential customers.

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