Is investing in Personal Loan a good Idea for you?

There are times when a person needs money very urgently. There are many options available but the most reliable and safe way is to apply for a personal loan. Almost all the banks in India provide Personal loans. A person can use a personal loan for many things like vacation or wedding expenses or anything else. Personal loans are very useful and can be availed instantly. Other loans take time, there is a lot of verification and documentation, but personal loans are convenient and fast. A person should know the personal loan eligibility criteria before applying.

A personal loan is of two types, secured and unsecured. A secured personal loan means a loan taken against property or some other asset. In secured personal loans, the loan amount is less than or equal to the amount of the asset or property kept as collateral. Then there are unsecured loans, it means that these loans don’t demand anything to be kept as collateral. Users don’t have the fear of losing any asset if they are unable to pay back the loan due to some circumstances. A quick personal loan is available on some mobile applications nowadays.

Can personal loans be used for Investment?

A personal loan can be used for the purpose of investment as well. It totally depends on the person availing the loan, they choose what they wish to do with the loan amount. The money after disbursement of the loan is theirs and they can use it for anything. One thing that should be kept in mind is that personal loans have interest rates and service charges. There are many charges that banks apply on an instant personal loan and the person applying for the loan should know them.

Points that a person applying for a personal loan should know:

  • Know how much money is needed for investment, do not borrow more than that. If the person borrows more then what is needed than they will have to pay interest on the amount that is not invested too. It is important to know all the requirements to avail of a loan, the personal loan eligibility criteria so that the loan can be availed easily.
  • There are some situations when repaying the installments gets tough for the personal. To avoid this person should calculate the exact amount needed and where it would go. There should be a plan to repay the loan on time as well because there are charges on late payments.
  • Always check all the banks and other organizations that provide quick personal loans. Different banks offer different interest rates and offer on loans and it is important to choose the one that is suitable.
  • Every rupee that is borrowed will have to be repaid and there will be interest charged on every single rupee. Borrow only if it is very important otherwise it will have a negative impact on the finances.


Applying for an instant personal loan is a good option in case of emergency but there are points that should be remembered.  The interest rates are mostly higher than other types of loans so it is important to know the exact amount that is needed. These loans are easily available but should not be taken other than emergency situations.

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