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Is PRP Really Helpful For Hair Fall Control?

PRP stands for Plasma Rich Platelet it is a treatment for hair fall and is a non-surgical method for hair restoration. PRP is getting more recognition day by day as it is seen to be providing effective results for both male and female hair loss problems. If you are looking for best PRP hair solution at affordable cost then checkout PRP hair treatment cost in Karachi.

How does the PRP treatment process work?

This procedure involves the stem cells as well as growth factors from the blood of a patient to boost the hair growth of diminished hair follicles.

The procedure involves drawing the patient’s blood using a syringe, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge machine. Spinning the blood in a centrifuge will separate the blood components and platelets. The plasma in the blood with a denser amount of platelet is referred to as Platelet Rich Plasma.

This is the key ingredient of PRP treatment for hair loss which is then inserted into the scalp. The insertion of PRP into the scalp is also done in two ways:

  1. Subdermal

The Plasma Rich Protein is worked into the subcutaneous fat membrane of the scalp, i.e. a layer that lies underneath the skin. As the PRP is injected into the layer beneath the skin, a syringe with a longer needle is used and fewer injections are used.

  1. Dermal

In this method, a syringe with a shorter needle is used, and the PRP is inserted into the dermal layer of the scalp but the number of injections used is high.

Is PRP treatment successful?

The PRP hair treatment success rate is 30% to 40% in both males and females. The PRP therapy is a hair growth booster and multiple treatments are required with a gap of 3-6 months. A specialist decides the intervals and the sessions according to the requirement of the patient. It is not a permanent solution, to maintain positive results follow-up treatments are required. However, PRP therapy for hair loss treatment is a good non-surgical method to get your hairline fixed.

What to expect after PRP hair treatment?

After the PRP hair treatment, the patient should be cautious and careful to avoid any discomfort. Post therapy 48 hours, you should not wash the treated area.

Slight bruises might be visible and the treated area might be uncomfortable for a few days. Pain relief pills are a great help at this time. In case of severe pain, contact your doctor.

The results are seen within 6 months of the treatment. PRP hair treatment reviews have been favorable as people have found the outcome satisfactory. Sometimes more than one session is also required to get the best results.

Is PRP treatment painful?

PRP treatment is not a painful procedure. Due to the involvement of needles, it looks intimidating but because of the local anesthesia, the process is accomplished easily without any major discomfort. It is very less painful as compared to the other surgical option called hair transplant. You can compare both of these procedures and can decide which one is best according to your needs.

Is PRP treatment expensive?

PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan is between PKR 15,000 to 25,000. The prices vary due to many reasons. The main purpose is the involvement of high-quality equipment for the procedure. A proficient PRP treatment provider will also charge higher than the others.

PRP treatment for hair loss side effects

Some of the possible side effects of a PRP hair remedy are as follows:

  • Infection
  • Nerve sufferings
  • Pain and discomfort at the injected area
  • Swelling

Moreover, ask your doctor for the potential after-effects of the treatment. A good candidate may not have to suffer the consequences of the treatment.

What makes you a good candidate for this treatment?

Every remedy does not work the same for everyone. This could be due to the medical conditions and the eligibility of the patient for a particular treatment. To be an ideal candidate for PRP you should not be diabetic, should not have any blood disease or any illness related to skin.

PRP treatment is gaining a positive place in the hair loss treatment world. Even if it is expensive it is worth giving a try to retain your look. However, you will find PRP hair treatment in Islamabad at affordable rates.

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