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Minimiser Bras

What Is A Minimiser Bra? 

Minimiser bras are used to flatten the breasts to the chest to give the look of smaller breast size. It doesn’t actually reduce the size of your bust, it just redistributes the breast tissue. Many minimiser bras come with shape defining cups made from firm non-stretch fabric. They also feature wide straps and wide-set underwire. Many regular bras have some compression features, a minimiser bra is thoughtfully designed to mold and reshape the breast silhouette to alter the shape and appearance. 

Why should you buy one? 

Have you been considering breast reduction surgery? Before you do, try a minimiser bra first. 

A minimiser will help your garments fall the way they were designed to so your silhouette looks sculpted. Minimiser bras are only lightly padded or not at all so they won’t add any extra size to your breasts.  Have you ever noticed when you put on a button-down shirt or dress you have a gap between the buttons where your breasts are? A minimiser bra will reduce your bust size by one cup size and create a smoother line. Gone are the days of having to buy shirts and dresses that are too big! With the minimiser bra, you can have the confidence to know your clothes fit and look great! This style of bra will also give you more support and reduce the amount of bounce throughout your day. These can be used as a great tool for women whose breasts sit further apart and would like to create some cleavage.

How do you know if you should wear a minimiser bra? 

Minimiser bras were designed to support women with bigger busts however, any woman who is looking to create a smoother line and reduce the size of their bust can benefit.

How to choose the best minimiser bra?

When deciding which minimiser bra is right for you, invest in a quality brand. Badly made cheaper bras can be ineffective and uncomfortable. It’s also important to get the correct size. Many women are under the impression that they need to get a smaller size than they actually are for a minimiser bra to be effective. This is not the case, wearing a bra that is too small can cause many problems including back pain, circulation issues, sore breasts, and other uncomfortable problems.

How your minimiser bra should fit 

It’s important to make sure that the band fits properly. The band of your bra should be firm but not uncomfortable. Your straps should be adjusted so they are not falling off your shoulder but not digging into your shoulders. To check that your straps are correct you can lift your arms to make sure everything is staying in place. One of the most important components of the minimiser bra is the cups. Your breast should be fitting entirely into the cup. Make sure there are no gaps between your bust and cup and that you’re not spilling out of the cup. Speak to a bra specialist when you’re shopping and let them help you get fitted if you’re unsure of your correct size.

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