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Oil Company Creating a Social Impact on Many Lives

Nayara Energy

India has been a hub of oil and gas companies that are catering to the domestic and international demands effectively. Hence, there is a very generous position that these companies have acquired globally in the sector of business. However, several companies are excelling at the business as well as the social front. One such company is Nayara Energy, which recently transformed from the well renowned Essar Oil and is famous for the refining of petroleum.

This oil and gas veteran has a very versatile profile. As one of the most renowned downstream refinery in India, Nayara energy has taken crude to an entirely new level. This organization is a massive producer of crude oil. Though its Vadinar refinery that is the second-largest refinery of India, the company has been refining about 8% of India’s total refining capacity. After establishing itself in the market for the products, this organization has stepped towards establishing itself in the philanthropic sector as well. There have been various initiatives that the company has taken towards the betterment of the employees at their plant and premises along with a lot of other initiatives that have been taken to improve the living quality of rural areas.

Gramsamruddhi Initiative Empowering the Community

Nayara Energy as one of the leading refineries in India has been very crucial in uplifting the lives of various communities living in the Devbhumi district of Dwarka. This includes a widespread area of 15 villages. The company realized the importance of the progress of villages and the need for an inclusive approach that that can have an impact on various sections of the community. To implement this, the company started working on three sectors with the families of the region; Water and Soil conservation, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry development, and Women Empowerment through Skills and Saving Credit Groups. As a prominent oil and gas company, Nayara has put efforts into integrating water resources and development that have impeccably resulted in the formation of an additional water storage capacity of about 5.27 million cubic meters over the past 5 years. The company has taken various initiatives like aquifer recharge, farm bund, farm pond de-silting, and pond deepening increased irrigated area by 1800 hectares that have made the lives of the people easier in these particular villages.

Not only this, but the company has also introduced additional micro-irrigation techniques that have been implemented in association with the Government of Gujarat. This has resulted in a notable increase in water use efficiency by 30% per hectare.

Another initiative by the company has been to augment the incomes of the families across the villages of Devbhumi district. To implement that the company has helped in livestock management including breed improvement and cattle health-care that have been proved to be helpful for the villagers.

Micro-Enterprises Putting Women at the Forefront

Nayara Energy has been effective in driving change in the community of the villages. They have tried to bring the women at the forefront by empowering them through their initiatives. Various micro-enterprises have been facilitated by the organization that has enabled the women of the community to make informed decisions for the benefit of their households. To initiate this, Nayara Energy as a leading refinery in India has established a stitching center in Vadinar that has transformed into a well-flourished garment manufacturing enterprise. Along with this, the organization has also established a waste paper recycling unit that is run by women in Singach village. It has been a transformational enterprise that has given women a much-needed boost to empower their lives. This unit has been producing the top-notch quality of the hand-made recycled paper.

These steps by Nayara Energy showcase the ideology of the company and its willingness to fulfill its responsibilities towards the betterment of the communities of various villages. As the company is expanding its retail presence through the dealership for a petrol pump. It has established a massive number of petrol pumps that are more than 5400 retail stations across the nation. The company is trying to achieve the philanthropic bit as well.


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