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Pregnancy Essentials for the Busy Mama

Whether it’s your first time or not, going through pregnancy is a wild ride, so it’s important to make sure that you’re as prepared for it as possible. There are many products on the market like a maternity playsuit or nursing dress that can enhance your pregnancy journey and make things just a little bit easier. We’ve selected some pregnancy essentials that we think expecting mamas should invest in.

Prenatal vitamins – before pregnancy 

As we already know, for a healthy pregnancy, experts recommend starting with prenatal vitamins such as folic acid when you are trying to conceive. Other vitamins should also be incorporated and key nutrients such as iron, calcium and vitamin D all play a key role in a babies growth and development during pregnancy as well as supporting your health.

Pregnancy journal – as soon as you know you’re pregnant

Keeping a journal is a really wonderful way to document your progress during pregnancy and to keep a log of your baby’s development. This can be done in multiple ways, so if you don’t see yourself writing loads of information every single day, you can just keep bullet points and go at your own pace. By keeping a routine and committing to writing when you can means that you will have lovely memories of your pregnancy that you’ll be able to share with your children when they are older.

Safe skincare and beauty products – as soon as you know you’re pregnant 

It is hugely important that you invest in high quality skincare and beauty products that are safe, as whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed and can potentially affect your baby. Look out for ingredients that pregnant women should avoid. You don’t have to spend loads of money, but just keep an eye on products that are suitable for you. A good skincare and beauty routine will also work wonders for your mental health and well-being as it’s necessary to take time out for self-care.

Later in your pregnancy, make sure you have invested in some good belly butter and itch lotion. These might seem like luxurious beauty add ons but you’ll really notice a difference if you incorporate these into your routine.

Safe cleaning products – as soon as you know you’re pregnant 

The reason behind using safe cleaning products is similar to using safe beauty and skincare products in that you can inhale them in and absorb them through your skin, so if your cleaning products are full of chemicals then they are not going to be good for your health. You might as well start using safe cleaning products now because babies will want to put things in their mouths and some of the chemicals found in cleaners are not safe for your child.

Tummy shield – during pregnancy 

If you plan on driving around a lot, a tummy shield is a really important safety essential for your pregnancy. It’s the only highly engineered pregnancy seat belt positioner that safely repositions the seatbelt away from the baby bump and has been crash tested so you know that it works, this way you can have peace of mind when you’re in the car.

Maternity clothes – before and pregnancy 

Getting your maternity wardrobe ready can be one of the most exciting and fun projects in the lead up to and during your pregnancy. Your pregnancy outfits can be as varied and practical as you’d like it to be and hopefully it also means that your fashion and style doesn’t have to be compromised. Clothing that you can incorporate into your wardrobe includes maternity dresses, jeans, bra extenders, robes, nursing and maternity bras, jumpsuits and many more options.

Pregnancy pillow – during pregnancy 

You’ll be well aware that pregnancy puts an awful lot of strain on the body, so investing in a pregnancy pillow will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. They are designed to support and hug the contours of your body and allow you to comfortably lie on your side.


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