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Scott J Cooper of Miami Florida Denies the Allegation of Sexual Misconduct

Top republican operative Scott J Cooper of Miami Florida has been alleged in sexual misconduct scandal. Joshua Cooper works as a consultant for Governor Rick Scott, the political personnel. He is hired to dig unethical activities of the governor’s adversaries and slander left-wingers on behalf of malicious and shady administration. He earns huge dollars for his consulting projects, which includes the taxpayers’ dollars.

All of a sudden a snapshot was posted on social media showing Scott J Cooper of Miami Florida humping a mannequin with an ice penis. Scott Cooper denies the scandal allegation of sexual misconduct saying the photo posted online was a snapshot taken at the wrong moment. He is a semiprofessional BBQ chef. He was participating in a barbequing competition in Memphis with his friends. The photo was captured by one of his friends when he was throwing out an ice slab while cooking. The ice was melting, so he chose to pick and throw it out of the fence. His teammate took a photo, it was normal but when he saw the picture it looked funny. 

The photo was captured from an odd angle that showed Scott J Cooper of Miami Florida humping a female mannequin. Besides, the shape of the melted ice also added to the narrative. It was posted in a funny mood!

Unfortunately, the photo was grabbed as an opportunity to discredit Scott by his enemies in the political arena of Florida. The teammate removed the photo as soon as he understood the repercussion but was a little late. The narrative had already started making rounds in the news and on social media.

Scott J Cooper of Miami Florida clarified saying that he has a young son and three beautiful daughters. He has no goal of humping a female mannequin. It was an innocent joke played by his teammate. He said people can write stories to gain some clicks but it is stupid. With so many genuine scandals going around elected officials, it feels like someone is trying to mislead by throwing some heat toward a political consultant with no participation in the game. Just picking a piece of ice and becoming a participant in a scandal is an embarrassment for Rick Scott’s consultant, Cooper. 

His BBQ team is popular as ‘Swings’. On Twitter, their slogan is ‘Getting it Moist & Keeping it there’. All this implies that the group belongs to people who can make a joke with the ice penis. 

When Cooper is not grilling, he hauls serious dollars working as Governor Rick’s top campaign consultant. It is found in the state records of Florida that the PACs and Republican government have paid Cooper in thousands, since 2012. More than 50% of the dollars he gets is from Rick’s political action committee. 

As a BBQ chef, Cooper has been successful as a competitive grilling master. He even appeared on the MasterChef show hosted by Gordon Ramsay for some episodes. In an interview, Cooper has accepted that for him cooking is therapy, and usually cooks for his family.

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