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Top 3 Methods of Demolition for Building


Demolition of a building or a structure is essential when a site becomes dilapidated and no longer safe. Every building or construction has a pre-defined span of life when it is constructed. It becomes crucial to demolish the structure when the duration is over. The need to destroy such a structure arises to make a new construction. Besides this, you will come across many other reasons for demolition. For instance, a small house is demolished to create a more prominent structure, or if the formation of a building is not safe for living.

The demolition process is hazardous. Only the experts have the right knowledge about the methods to destruct the structure without any casualties. When deciding how to demolish an arrangement, the experts consider various factors like the location of the building, materials used during the construction, and lots more. These factors allow them to determine the method with which they can carry out the destruction process.

The process of destruction can be carried out with a devastation blast, or carefully demolished step by step. Here are some of the methods of bringing down a structure used by experts to bring down the structure.


This method is one of the most efficient and also hazardous ways to demolish the building quickly. This method can destruct the structure within seconds if carefully planned and perfectly executed. One of the significant advantages of using this structure is that the development of new construction can begin as soon as possible. In this method, explosives demolish the pillars of a building that makes the building crumble down the ground vertically.

It becomes imperative to place the explosives at the right place, and the sequence of the detonation is also vital to achieving the results efficiently. This method is mostly used in urban areas as demolition methods high reach arm where wrecking balls do not work. The debris from the destruction of such methods can harm the people and damage the neighboring building. For all residential demolition QLD in Brisbane, the company to call is Woodstock Demolition. Based at the Gold Coast just south of Brisbane, the company is able to quickly serve just about any location in all of Queensland.

High Reach Arm

This method of bringing down a structure is used where the height of the building is within 66 feet. In this method, a long demolition arm like a telescopic boom is equipped with a hamper, spear, or a crusher. These are fitted on an excavator to demolish the construction from top to bottom. Once this machine brings down the large pieces, the ground takes charge. Their role is to destruct the significant parts and segregate them for disposal. This method is used when the structure of the building consists of steel, concrete removal Brisbane, or masonry. It is safe when compared to the wrecking ball destruction method to bring down tall structures.


Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball method is mostly used to bring down small structures and used in areas where there is less crowd or no construction around the building. This traditional method uses a 13500 pounds wrecking ball suspended from a crane. It is one of the oldest ways of demolition. In this method, the wrecking ball is dropped on the structure or swung the construction to demolish it. It becomes essential to hire an experienced crane operator as you do not want the crane to topple over due to misjudgments. It is the cheapest method, but it is very hazardous because it creates a loud noise, and the debris can fall to a significant distance.


With the help of these three methods, you can demolish any site you can. Hiring a professional demolition company is extremely necessary as you do not want any unwanted hazards on the site.

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