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What Should You Know When Picking Up Rental Company

Rental Company: If you’ve ever rented a car more than once, you probably know that finding the rental counter is not always an easy task. Although several rental companies have a service desk inside the airport, this does not necessarily mean that all rental companies are in the same location or that they follow the same procedure to take their customers to the vehicle pick-up location. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this post, we explain the most common procedures used by car rental livery companies at airports and elsewhere, so you can be better prepared for your next rental.


When making your reservation through our website, it is possible to check in our online reservation tool, the name of the rental company with which you will be making the reservation. This information will also be available on your confirmation voucher, at the top of the first page where you will find the details of the vehicle pick-up and return.

This is the rental company where the rental will take place and it is the window of this rental company that you should look for as soon as you arrive at the airport. We emphasize that Auto Europe is the intermediary company in this car rental process. Auto Europe does not have its own fleet, nor service desks, but we have partnerships with the main car rental companies in the world.


Many rental companies have their service desks in the airport terminal, and generally the rental companies are all grouped in the same sector. Just follow the signs that signal the way to reach the area where the rental companies are located. Regardless of the country, it is very likely that this identification is in English “Car Rental” in addition to the local language. After the first service at the counter, you directed to the car rental company’s parking lot, where the cars are located.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of your booking available online or on the booking voucher. There you will find all the important and necessary information, including the correct place to pick up the vehicle. This information is important to have on hand, as some rental companies may have their service desks in a different location or in a separate building and close to the terminal. There are airports where you will not find the rental counters inside the terminals, but in a building close to the airport and accessible on foot. There is another vehicle removal procedure called “Meet and Greet “.

This means there will be a company employee waiting for you in the Arrivals/Arrivals area, usually with your name or your company name written on a sign. The employee will then direct the customer directly to the car, already located at the airport, and will continue the rental process, with the completion of all the necessary documentation and the signing of the contract. In this case, the customer will not be forwarded to any service desk of the rental company.


In cases where the rental office is not located at the airport or nearby, the customer may have to use the Shuttle Bus service to reach the rental company. Carefully read the terms and conditions of your booking available online or on the booking voucher. There you will find all the important and necessary information, including the correct place to pick up the vehicle.

There are still some rental companies that use the “ Meet and Greet ” method.”, where the company employee will wait for the customer in the arrivals/arrivals area usually with the customer’s name or company name written on a sign. The employee will then direct the customer to the Shuttle Bus that will take him to the rental service desk. However, most rental companies like boston sightseeing tour rental do not use this method and the customer must follow the instructions described on the voucher to be able to find the correct location for the Shuttle Bus that will take you to the rental service desk.

At the airport, try to check the signs that indicate the bus stop of each rental company. Some larger rental companies offer their customers an exclusive transport, with buses properly signposted, which helps a little more in identifying the appropriate Shuttle Bus. Yet, If you have trouble finding the correct rental office, whether at the terminal or outside the airport, do not hesitate to contact Auto Europe or the rental company directly. You will be able to find all the necessary phone numbers on the first page of your voucher.


If renting a car at the airport doesn’t fit your travel plans, many car rental companies offer their services in the city center or at train stations. These locations may be more suitable if you are traveling by train or if you prefer to rent a car at a location close to your hotel. Be sure to confirm the correct address and opening hours of the rental company, and confirm that the window will be open at the desired times.


Some rental companies offer home delivery/pick-up service. However, this is an extra service and must always confirmed in advance. If the customer opts for this service, the car delivered to the specific pre-established location, such as a hotel or office. This service is not offered by all rental companies and therefore it is very important that the customer contact Auto Europe in advance so that we can arrange the service with the rental company. This type of service has an extra cost, which must be paid directly to the rental company upon delivery of the vehicle. For luxury car rentals , we offer a comprehensive and flexible delivery/return service.


When making your reservation, you should always check the opening hours of the rental company you are choosing. For example, if your flight scheduled to arrive at 11:45 pm and the rental company closes at midnight, consider another rental company with earlier opening hours, as it is very likely that you will need at least half an hour to collect your luggage. and get to the rental office. For this reason, it is extremely important that the flight number provided when booking online or by phone.

If you realize that you are going to be late, for whatever reason, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can get in touch with the rental company and ensure that the vehicle reserved until your arrival. Unfortunately, if the rental company not informed of your delay,

For pick-ups and returns outside of business hours, the rental company will most likely charge an additional fee for the service. In cases where the customer needs to return the vehicle before the opening hours of the rental company, it is necessary to first check if it is possible. If so, usually the rental companies provide a “drop box”, which is nothing more than a type of mailbox where the customer can return the vehicle keys.

In these cases, the customer must park the vehicle in an area designated by the rental company. The rental of the vehicle concluded at the moment when the employee of the rental company carries out the inspection of the vehicle. Before that, the customer will continue to be responsible for the vehicle and for any damage caused to it. Therefore, if you intend to use the “drop box” service,

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