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Who Is an Expert Content Writer?

A Freelancer or a Professional?

How much do you know about content writers? Do you think: Professional content writers are more well-versed than freelance content writers? If your answer is yes, then you must change your perception. In fact, a freelance content writer is handier than a professional content writer. Do you know: Why? A home based content writer serves multiple niches all-alone, whereas a professional content writer serves only a particular niche. This point justifies that a home-based content writer has more knowledge than a proficient content writer. A freelance content writer is an expert with knowledge of writing different pieces of content that include web content, press release, blog posts, articles, animated video scripts, and rewrites.



Web Content Writing: What is the purpose of web content writing? Do you know about it? Every online business needs to show its presence on the web, so companies that operate online take the services of a web content writer. Both, the professional content writer and a freelance content writer can write web content; however, a freelancer can do the job of web content writing for cheaper rates, as compared to the professional content writer.


Press Release Writing: Nowadays, press release writing has become a key for companies to share their news of interest with the customers. Not all companies rely on press release writing still, publishing press releases frequently repay companies in the form of loyal customers. Companies offer things like discounts or new arrivals to the customers in the form of news through press release content. Again a home based content writer is a good bargain for companies for publishing press releases, as compared to a professional content writer.


Blog Writing: One of the most popular forms of writing is blog writing. In the past, people used to write about their personal lives and travel experience in blog posts. Nevertheless, today people write blog posts on various topics. Business blogging has become famous among businesses to promote their business identity to customers. To do that, businesses either hire a professional content writer or a freelance content writer to promote their identities. In addition to business blogs, many personal and travel blogs are famous on the web.


Article Writing: Any ideas: Why do people write articles? People who want to get back-links to their main pieces of content or write-ups need article writers. Some of the people are already writers, so they do the article writing job on their own. On the other hand, people who do not know article writing either hire a professional or a freelancer. The professional writers are used to of article writing, as compared to the freelance content writers who write articles occasionally, so the professional content writers have an edge over freelancers when it comes to article writing.


Animated Video Script Writing: Who do you think is better at the job of animated video script writing? Is it a professional or a freelancer who has an edge? Animated video scripts are made for companies that want to advertise about their businesses at a low cost. If you consider the cost of an animated video script, then a freelance content writer is a good bargain. However, if you want top-notch animated video scripts; then you should go to a professional content writer.


Rewriting: Rewriting is an art, and not every writer can come up with an exceptional rewrite. Both, the professional content writer and a freelance content writer can be handy when it comes to rewrites. In other words, writers who have a strong vocabulary and paraphrasing skills can come up with top-notch rewrites. So a writer who knows how to play with words can come up with a strong rewrite.

To Sum Up…

What have you understood by now about the expertise of a freelance content writer and a professional content writer? In some cases, professional content writers have edge over home-based content writers; while sometimes, a freelance content writer has the upper hand. Freelance content writers are good at writing web content, press releases. The professional content writers are great at writing articles, and animated video scripts. When it comes to blog writing or rewriting, both the home-based content writers and professional content writers can be fruitful. In a nutshell, an expert content writer is one who has a complete command to write various pieces of content.

Ibrahim Saleem

Ibrahim Saleem is a professional web content writer. Besides content writing, he has sufficient knowledge of graphic designing, web designing, and web programming. He is an MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Marketing, and he likes to guide novice content writers through his write-ups.

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