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Why WooCommerce Is Best For An Online Store?

Compared to other e-commerce platforms WooCommerce responsive design, Seo Friendly interface, and advanced features make it the most widely used e-commerce platform in the world. Most of the leading e-commerce website uses WooCommerce for their online store. WooCommerce built-in features make the purchase process easy and stress-free for customers.

WooCommerce flexibility allows the seller to customize and modify everything from product placement to customizing the whole storefront. It is a cost-effective platform compatible with the world-leading CMS platform WordPress. There are lots of advances built-in features like pre-installed payment gateway, Geolocation support, advanced inventory management, easy tax calculation, and many more that make it the best e-commerce platform in the market.

If you are looking to know why businesses prefer to choose WooCommerce then, here we will discuss Why WooCommerce Is the Best E-commerce Platform.

With the increase in the number of e-commerce applications, business owners are confused between selecting the best e-commerce platform that provides the best e-commerce application. But WooCommerce Development Services has emerged as the most flexible e-commerce platform with an advanced application that can produce quantified results for your e-store.

Woocommerce Creates A Hassle-free Selling Experience For The Store Owners

Every online store aims at selling the maximum number of products to users and WooCommerce built-in features and functionality make it the best e-commerce platform to sell any product online flawlessly. With the advance, e-store management and enticing storefront WooCommerce Development will help you in creating a customer-friendly e-commerce website.

Pre-installed Payment Gateway Option From Leading Providers

WooCommerce allows the store owner to accept payment via Stripe and PayPal. It also allows users to pay through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, and Cash on Delivery. Its secure payment gateway makes it the best e-commerce platform to use.

Updating Product Details Becomes Easier

WooCommerce allows the store owner to accept payment via Stripe and PayPal. It also allows users to pay through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, and Cash on Delivery. Its secure payment gateway makes it the best e-commerce platform to use.

Woocommerce Provides Geolocation Support

Using Geolocation you can auto-detect your customer’s location using their IP. There are chances that few products and categories in your cart can’t be delivered to a particular stare, region, or country. So, you can restrict pages, products, and categories depending on the user’s country and region.

Different Shipping Options For Users

WooCommerce allows you to provide various shipping options like a pickup from nearby stores, local delivery or international shipping. You can restrict your shipping option depending on the user’s location.

Advance Woocommerce Shipping Rates

Using the advance shipping method you can set up shipping cost depending on the website of the product. WooCommerce also allows you to decide shipping costs depending on the category, product, and variation. And you can offer free shipping for the nearby areas depending on your terms and policies.

Through Woocommerce You Can Automatically Calculate Taxes

Most of the online stores face problems related to taxes but WooCommerce has made it easy for you to start up taxes and tax rates for your online store.

Manage Your Online Orders And Customers To Enhance User- Experience

Enable Guests To Check Out For Your Online Store.

Not every user needs to show interest in creating an account for buying your products. So, it’s recommended to enable guest’s checkout to make your online store products accessible to all types of users.

Offer A One-click Refund For Returned Products

Online stores are all about easing user experience and WooCommerce one-click return features can allow the users to get an instant refund for returned products. You can manage it through the WooCommerce dashboard.

Woocommerce Inventory Management

It is one of the basic requirements for every online store and business owners spend a lot of money on managing their stock. But Woo-Commerce’s unique and popular inventory management system allows you to track stock level and updated report stock after refund and purchase.

WooCommerce inventory management allows you to get notification about low or running out-of-stock products. And its built-up management automatically hides an out of stock product from the store.

Woocommerce Order Management

Using WooCommerce order management you can track all the details from receiving the order to dispatching it to the customer. WooCommerce allows you to add customer notes, edit stock manually, mark items you shipped and manage the fulfillment process.

Using WooCommerce Development Services you can send email notification related to the product that your customer recently purchased. Its built-in feature also allows you to send email notification related to product receipt and shipping updates.

Optimizing Your Online Store To Make Your Website More Conversion-centric

WooCommerce advanced built-in features and plugins allow the store owners to connect with audiences. And optimizing the e-store creates a hassle-free buying and selling experience. Our Los Angeles e-commerce website design company focuses on creating an attractive and optimized e-commerce website that can enhance user and seller experience.

Make Your Online Store Seo-friendly

WooCommerce is only compatible with WordPress and WordPress is considered to be the best SEO friendly CMS platform in the market. You can further do the SEO to rank your website on the top in SERP to get better results and high organic traffic.

Highlight Related Products On Your E-commerce Website

Every successful e-commerce website recommends related products to the customers. Because these types of practice encourage them to explore more products on your website. And if any customer finds the product effective they will not hesitate in buying the product.

Always Recommend Top-performing Products To Your Customers.

You can use widget to showcase your top-performing products, recently viewed products, and products on sale. These types of practices can surge your business revenue and attract more lucrative leads on your e-commerce website.

Setup Woocommerce Built-in Features And Dashboard

Its advanced features allow sellers to get detailed reports on sales, refunds, and coupons. Through the WordPress dashboard, you can get the status of how your WooCommerce store is performing.


If you want maximum control, flexibility, & features then WooCommerce is the best solution of your online store. Hire WooCommerce developers from Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading WooCommerce Development Company. Describe your idea of the WooCommerce store in detail, like that’s how you want to deliver the products to your customers’ needs.

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