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7 Must-have Bathroom Accessories

How to Make the Right Choice for Bath Panels?

Your bathroom is incomplete without bath accessories. Although, small these play an important role in making your bathroom a place of comfort. Bathrooms have undeniably become the most vital aspect of your home. Just like a lounge or living room, bathrooms need to be renovated in a way that provides ambience and convenience side by side. However, bathroom fixtures aren’t enough to provide a homely experience for your bathroom; you need to have some additional bathroom accessories.

Unlike fixtures, wooden bathroom accessories UK need to be correlated with the bathroom’s theme. Moreover, they need to be unique and forward-looking to stick with you for years to come. Here we have listed the seven must-have bathroom accessories you should buy for our bathroom and amplify the style of your bathroom.

Importance of Bath Accessories

Bathroom AccessoriesEveryone wants their bathroom to be a cosy and comfortable space. Where they have every type of comfort available to them; however, you may not even realize that small things can make a lot of difference. Other than making your bathroom good at ventilation and setting up the required fixtures, it is important to install wooden bathroom accessories UK. So, you can increase the level of comfort. Generally, bath accessories are the things that are in addition to and other than the fixtures. Therefore, it is important to learn what includes in such accessories that you can use to increase the functionality as well as aesthetics of your bathroom. 

What are the Different Types of Bath Accessories?

There are the following different types of Bath accessories available in the market. 


  1. Sanitary Ware: No bathroom is truly complete without sanitary ware. It adds convenience, style, and luxury to your bathroom. Sanitary ware offers perfect spaces for putting your bathroom amenities, including toilet suite, toilet paper, holder, flush, and spray. Sanitary ware provides the right solution to keep your bathroom free of any mess or clutter.
  2. Bathroom Shelf: Bathroom items need a storage place as well. You can’t have them lying away on the countertop. Glass shelves provide the suitable space for your bathroom amenities, including; shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other necessary items. Bathroom shelves are available in various styles for both traditional and modern bathrooms.
  3. Bathroom Fitting : Bath fittings are fundamental to every bathroom. Such bath accessories include showerhead, caps, separate and mixer water taps, and towel racks. While choosing the bathroom fittings, make sure to pay close attention to its convenience and design.
  4. Cabinets: Cabinets keep your bathroom tidy and perfectly sorted. You can put your amenities, cleaning agents, and surplus bathroom supplies inside cabinets. Standard cabinets are usually attached below the basin sink in a vanity unit.
  5. Countertop: A bathroom countertop means space. Counter space is not limited to only large and spacious bathrooms; as long as more than one person utilizes the bathroom, it needs a countertop. Vanity units offer adequate space for placing you’re your bathroom supplies such as soaps, face washes, hair gels, toothpaste, etc.
  6. Silver Tray: Sometimes, cabinets and countertops aren’t sufficient when it comes to adding that extra space into your bathroom. Silver trays are perfect for putting your fancy essentials in a way that completes the modern outlook of the bathroom. They are affordable, durable, and, most of all, easier to install as well.
  7. Bathroom Mirrors: Mirrors have become an essential part of the bathroom to the point that one cannot imagine a bathroom. Apart from being a fundamental item, they can also help add an opulent and luxurious look to your bathroom. Mirrors are available in numerous sizes and shapes, meaning you can find a perfect one for your bathroom.

Final Thoughts about Bath Accessories. 

Bath accessories can be a great addition to every bathroom. You can use them to enhance the utility of your space as well as improve the overall aesthetics and looks. We have provided you with a list of a few important accessories that are essential for every space. The wooden bathroom accessories UK can be incredibly helpful in creating the type of looks you want. You can check Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK for the latest accessories and other bathroom fittings and fixtures. 

 How to Make the Right Choice for Bath Panels?

bath panelsYour bathtub installation is incomplete without Bath panels. Therefore, whenever you plan for a new bath installation, then you will have to consider getting these as well. Baths have always been an important part of every bathroom in the UK. But do you realize when fitting these baths, there is space left without covering around from two to three sides? For example, an I-shaped bath panel is a perfect fit for the I shaped bathtubs. Sometimes, these come with your bath package, or otherwise, you will have to arrange these on your own by placing an order separately. 

If you are planning for a bathroom makeover and don’t know what thing you should consider for a better option. Then, discuss all the details that you will need to know.

What are the Bath Panels

So, we start with a better understanding of what bath panels are. For most of you, it is something that you have already heard or seen. It’s a small piece of wood or acrylic that we use to cover the surroundings of the bathtub. Most of the fitting bathtubs, including shower bath that fits alone the wall, have their underneath covered with one, two, or three sides walls. But at least one side will remain open and exposed. That can make the plumbing underneath visible. So, we use these to keep that part completely concealed and out of sight. 

Choosing the Best Bath Panel?

The bathtub panels are essential for completing the looks of the bath. But these can also have a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Here are the important matters to keep in mind while choosing them. 

Step-1. Assess Whether You Need a Bathtub Panel or Not?

When you plan for the bathtub installation or upgrade, it will be a wise decision to assess probably first whether you really need a bathtub panel or not. It can increase overall costs, so better to understand your needs first. So, you should understand that the most common need for l shaped bath panels is straight baths. This also includes a shower bathtub and any similar type that fits into the corners. In addition to that, once you know it is an essential need according to the type of bath you choose, you will also understand the compatibility and best fit for your choice. That also means you don’t need a bath panel if you are planning for a freestanding bathtub. 

Step-2. Bath Panels Material. 

The next and most important thing that you need to consider is the bath panel materials. These are generally available in Wood and Acrylics. 

  • The Acrylic bathtub panels, as the name suggests, come with acrylic material. It is a kind of material that is economical and durable. It is amongst the most popular type or choices currently. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can not go wrong with it if you have a limited budget but want a sturdy option. There are also hard plastic panels available in various colours but are not preferred despite the lower price. 
  • The wood bathtub panels are another choice that you may have available. However, these may only be a great option in certain circumstances. These will inevitably add a natural tone to your space. There are various colour and design options available with these two. These can be used for a coordinated look while matching it with other bathroom furniture. 

Step-3. Your Budget and Personal Requirements.

The market is full of different bath panels options. So, if you are looking for a perfect choice, you will also consider your budget and personal preference, including requirements. For example, for a limited budget, an acrylic bath panel or a plastic one can be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you have some extra budget available, then you can go for the wood panels too. In addition to that, keeping in mind your personal preference, you can choose the design that you like and probably look compatible with bathroom furniture and accessories in terms of design colour.

Final Thoughts about Bath Panels. 

The bath panels are an important part of every bathtub installation. In this article, we discussed various matters that you should consider while planning for a bathtub installation. You can easily make a perfect choice by following our suggestions and tips. You can check the latest Bathtubs range at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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