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Debunking Common Myths Attached to Reclaimed Wood Countertops

People say the kitchen should be the most attractive place in your home. Why not make your kitchen super classy with Reclaimed wood countertops to make your kitchen environment friendly and pleasing to look at?

The world is changing with the introduction of technology and new appliances. Now people have essential things designed for their use to make their lives easy. Technology is helpful to us in many ways, but an excess of everything is bad. The excess use of technology has laid the foundation for harming the atmosphere. But humans are smart!

reclaimed wood countertops

We have identified the indications and recognized that somewhere we need to stop and look for a solution. So, when we begin looking for answers to beat technology’s harmful effects, we got the instinct go back to nature.

Whenever you have to bring a significant change, you have to start it slow. So, to make the environment eco-friendly, the primary level changes started coming into people’s houses. People have begun using Reclaimed Wood Countertops in their kitchens in place of marble, granite, and other materials.

Some people are still confused if they should bring countertops to their home because it is recycled wood. Which means it has been used somewhere for a certain time, for some uses. However, when a new product is introduced in the market, many misconceptions and myths are attached to them.  Countertops are not immune to it. A short time after the introduction of countertops, many myths and misconceptions were attached to the product. Hence, we decided to talk about those myths and debunk them in this blog.

Myth 1: Reclaimed wood countertops are of low quality

As the reclaimed wood is the old wood that is recycled to bring it to use again, people think that the quality of this old wood will below.

Here we need to understand that reclaimed wood has survived the most prolonged time than any other wood. They have been through all kinds of wear and tear, and they have weathered all the storms. Therefore, it makes the reclaimed wood countertops of better quality over other countertops.

Myth 2: Reclaimed Wood Countertops are not durable

People usually believe that reclaimed Wood Countertops are not sturdy to manage weight or survive for a long time.

Contrary to that, when the countertops have survived this long and have fought all the climatic conditions, haven’t they already proved to be the most durable? It will be able to survive in the everyday mess of your kitchen. Every good thing demands care, and so do the reclaimed wood countertops. With proper care, countertops can prove to be the most reliable part of the kitchen.

Myth 3: Reclaimed Wood Countertops are Prone to Staining

Many people complain about countertops getting stained in significantly less time.

To avoid this problem, you will have to give proper finishing to the product, so it is not stained easily. To harden the wood and to make it resistant to any kind of stain, apply a correct type of finish product that penetrates the wood grain and hardens it from inside out. This feature of the wood inhibits the absorption of moisture and water into the wood. Also, it makes the top resistant to staining if the spill is wiped in a less frame of time.

Myth 4: Reclaimed Wood Countertops Demand Excessive Maintenance

Countertops are gems, and gems like any other thing in your home demand attention and proper maintenance to survive longer.

If you use the accurate material for the maintenance of countertops, then it can be done effortlessly in a short period. Do not forget that every wood countertop is unique. Therefore, it is advised to choose the finishing product for your countertops wisely.

Myth 5: Reclaimed Wood Countertops look Ugly

Due to the reclaimed wood quality, some people believe that the wood will not give an aesthetic look to their kitchen.

On the contrary, the vintage look that reclaimed wood countertops bring into your house is remarkable. Moreover, the grains and patterns you will find in the countertops cannot be seen otherwise.

Final Words

These are some common myths that people have attached to the countertops. If you agree with the debunking of myths and want to bring reclaimed wood countertops to your kitchen, visit The Furniture Phoenix online and buy the best for you.

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