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SaszMarketPlace Set to Launch A “Discount Extravaganza” In the Coming Months

SaszMarketPlace Set to Launch A Discount Extravaganza

Florida, February, 2nd, 2021 ( – SaszMarketPlace, a growing ecommerce store in the USA, recently announced the launch of its yearly discount gala that will feature a store-wide discount of up to 60% on all the categories proffered by the company.

The “discount extravaganza” is in line with the company`s practice of offering store-wide discounts. The 1st edition was initiated soon after SaszMarketPlace came into being, and “was extended for a period of 2 weeks due to the extensive demand from the customers”.

Commenting on the success of the previous discount gala, the chief marketing operator at SaszMarketPlace, Andrew Hart, stated, “The trends in e-shopping have gone up manifolds in a number of years. It is undoubted that majority of the purchases nowadays have gone digital. To compete in such a competitive milieu, we had to start our operations with a solid footing. The “discount extravaganza” was the right step in that particular direction.”

The response that we received from the customers was beyond what we initially anticipated. The extravaganza became a success, and customers from across the country purchased numerous offerings including the best Natracure cold therapy socks that were selling internationally like hot cakes. Back then, since COVID-19 was the talk of the town, we intentionally focused on selling medical and virus-related offerings to ensure that not only we create space in the competitive realm, but also focus on satisfying the demands of the customers.” He further added.

Sarah Miles, the marketing manager at SaszMarketPlace, when questioned as to how the planned “discount extravaganza” is to be executed, she responded, “The modus operandi for the planned discount extravaganza is the same as the previous one, with only one minute, but significant change. In the previous version, our focus was to penetrate the market with our high-quality, low-priced offerings. This time, the dynamics of our operations have changed, and the focus is more towards customer retention and customer engagement.”

Further commenting on the subject, she stated, “One other thing which I believe will be way different from the debuting discount extravaganza will be the company`s offerings. When we first initiated our operations, the world was struck with the viscous pandemic – COVID-19. Our operations as well as the supply chain was directed towards fulfilling the increasing demand of medicinal and health products. Since the times were challenging, the situation necessitated that rather than pursuing our goal of penetration, we focus more towards fulfilling the demand of our customers relating to COVID-19. This time, our arsenal of products is more extensive. Not only it includes the bare necessities of COVID-19, but the collection of offerings now includes consumer electronics, household goods, and other functional commodities. Even the customers looking for chart-topping Goal Zero 30 ft extension in USA will be having their demands satiated, as the short of stock offering will be amply available at our online store during this discount extravaganza.”

The representatives of the company, whilst didn’t comment directly on when this year`s “discount extravaganza” is to commence, Sarah Miles intimated towards the company`s policy of fixing the tenure of the discount gala, and making it a midyear activity for the coming years.

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SaszMarketPlace is a leading online eCommerce store having an extensive assortment of high-quality medical equipment, disinfectants, therapy gear, and sanitizing kits. They proffer 3rd party approved quality-assured products.


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