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The Importance of Wearing A Well-fitting Business Shirt

Dress shirts are an important part of any woman’s professional wardrobe and a building block in tons of outfits and looks.

One of the biggest considerations in buying business shirts is ensuring they properly fit your body. And by fit, I don’t mean skin-tight. Generally speaking, if the contours and proportions of the body are followed by the shirt and there are no wrinkles, folds, or drags – the fit is good.

Here are a few reasons as to why a well-fitting business shirt can be beneficial to you and your lifestyle.

Wearing Well-Fitting Business Shirts is a Good Look

This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: clothes that fit you and suit your body shape are crucial for looking good.

The finest dress shirt will not add class to your outfit if it does not fit you. The button-up you choose to wear should look like it was made for you because it can make you look trimmer, slimmer, and even taller.

Formal shirts that fit you properly make you look more sophisticated. A button-up that is too baggy or too tight looks sloppy and less professional. The right shirt, in the right fit, works with your silhouette, flatters your figure and makes you feel fabulous.

When you wear a dress shirt that fits your body you enhance your appearance and present yourself in the best way possible. As long as the fit is great, you do not need to make any special efforts to look good. Instead, you look flawless by just wearing a shirt that suits you.

Stand Out from the Masses

How can you make a good first impression without saying a word? Attention to fit makes you subtly stand out as a cut above everyone around you.

Finding business shirts that look as if they were made for you is not easy. It involves a lot of trial and error for most and more often than not women are content to settle for shirts that fit “well enough”.

Anyone who does take the time and the effort to find properly fitting button-ups that accentuate all of the fine features and communicates the attention to detail will therefore always stand out from the masses.

 First impressions matter

The fit of your clothing is the single most important element of your personal style that immediately tells people who you are, where you come from, and what you care about in life.

A well-fitting shirt speaks for you and creates the impression that you make an effort and that you care about representing yourself in the best possible way. It lets people know that you’ve taken the time to present yourself in a positive manner and that will not only gain the respect from others but will also position you as an authority.

Well-Fitting Shirts Are Comfortable

Beauty should never be pain and it is important that your style allows for comfort. It is often the case that you look your best when you feel your best. If you are comfortable, you are more likely to be relaxed and can concentrate on the task at hand.

Comfort is one of the biggest strengths of formal shirts that fit your body. Having a shirt that doesn’t fit you properly can become a severe annoyance in your day-to-day life. Think buttons gaping, fabric billowing, or worst of all – a tight fit that ultimately results in a rip.

A well-fitting shirt is comfortable, giving you the ability to go about your daily life with ease.

You Will Feel Confident

Dress shirt that fits properly not only makes you look better but it also makes you feel better. A well-fitting button-up hits you at all the right places, is flattering on your body, making you look smaller, regardless of the size on the tag. A shirt like that instantly boosts your confidence and leaves you feeling fantastic as soon as you get dressed.

More importantly, when you put on a business shirt that fits your body, you won’t be triggered to think your body needs to change.

Looking the Part

Your appearance matters because it is easier for others to feel comfortable when you look the part. The way you dress sets the foundation for how others perceive of you which is why it’s important that your style reflects who you are.

Even if the workplace doesn’t have strict rules in dress code, you should always display professionalism. A well-fitting business shirt is always a good idea since it makes you look good, classy, and stylish with very little effort.

Finding the Right Formal Shirt

Although finding a well-fitting formal shirt takes a bit of time and patience, the final outcome is worthwhile. The first step is to measure yourself and the measurements that you need are your bust, waist, and hips sizes, and your arm length. Once you know your measurements, you should look for a brand that makes shirts that fit your body shape.

The different shirts brands for women have different cuts of shirts in different sizes. You can go through their websites and find the information on the shirt measurements to find the brand that fits you best.

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