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The Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women

The Latest Summer Fashion Trends for Women

The first day of summer is the June solstice, which falls on the 21st in 2022. This is the longest day of the year, and it’s celebrated widely since it ushers in some beautiful weather!

Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to put away your sweaters and take out some summer wear! It’s time to show off some skin and your hard-earned beach bod, after all.

But what exactly’s trending? You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, even if you look good doing so.

Keep reading to see what the latest summer fashion trends are for women!

Y2K Fashion

Take a look around and you’ll see that everyone’s nostalgic for the past. While there’s been an interest in the ’80s thanks to the hit series “Stranger Things”, this summer’s fashion trends will lean more towards the 2000s.

If you were alive during this time, then you’ll remember the fashion fondly. And if not, then it’s your time to give that decade’s style a try!

For your clothes and shoes, pick out baby tees, butterfly tops, low-rise jeans, miniskirts, and jelly sandals or flats. As for the colors, go for bubblegum pink, purple, or neon blue.

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Do you still have to go into the office? Are you dreading getting back into your stiff work clothes? Then worry no more!

One of this summer’s fashion trends is workleisure, which has made leisurewear acceptable in workplaces. Those pieces you wore at home for video conferences can also be worn in the office, so you don’t need to go pick up more clothes.

Chic yet comfortable examples include drapey pants, oversized button-down shirts, large sweaters, sweater dresses, sweatpants, and faux fur slippers. You can even wear your graphic and band t-shirts, provided that you pair them with blazers to still look professional.

A lot of the above garments aren’t necessarily summer-specific wear, but if your office is notorious for blasting its AC, then things like a large sweater can keep you comfortable.


If you play Animal Crossing, then you’ll know a huge decorating trend on that game is cottagecore. This is a style that celebrates rural life.

Video games aren’t the only place where cottagecore is trending though. You’ll find many women dressing in this style this summer!

To follow the crowd, you’ll want to dress in earthy colors, like light brown, lavender, and pastel peach. Also, garments made of lace, crochet, and eyelet are all excellent for the cottagecore style too!

Also, feel free to get out those pieces that have garden floral prints on them. This will definitely put you in touch with Mother Nature and make your cottagecore style shine through.


Independence day happens right in the middle of summer, so it’s the perfect time to practice the Americana style. As you might’ve guessed, this means wearing the colors red, white, and blue. Not only that, but you’ll want to wear simple prints like gingham, stripes, and checkers.

To stay cool during your July 4th cookout and other summer outings, we recommend sticking to materials like cotton, linen, and chambray. These are all super-breathable and you’ll stay fresh and cool, even as the sun pelts down scorching rays.


Bohemian’s a classic summer look for women that’ll never go out of fashion. These long, flowy, yet light garments are perfect for a day out with friends. They’re the perfect balance between casual and formal, so whatever you own, it’s versatile!

For example, you can pair a long maxi dress with heels, red lipstick, and gemstone earrings for an elegant dinner date. But you can also pair it with sandals, large dangly earrings, and a floppy hat for a day at the beach.

If you don’t already have some boho-chic pieces, not to worry. All you need to do is shop at a boutique and you’re sure to find some amazing garments!

All White

As a woman, you already know it’s a brave move to wear white pants. But an all-white outfit? That’s crazy!

Yet this is trending for the summer months of 2022. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd when everyone else is wearing bright colors like neon yellow, light blue, and orange.

When you dress head to toe in white and then pair it with a bright pair of shoes and/or handbag, it’ll make your accessories pop. And an added benefit is you’ll stay cool, as white is the color to wear in the heat.

Platform Shoes

We’ve given you a bunch of suggestions for clothes. But the right footwear can be the cherry on top!

Platform shoes are trending this summer, thanks to the Y2K trend. Opt for platform heels if you want to make your legs look more toned. But be warned: it can be tough to walk around in platform heels, so give it a go before you head out!

Whether you choose heels, sneakers, or flip-flops, wearing stacked footwear will give you much-needed height if you’re vertically challenged.

Try Out These Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Knowing what the current summer fashion trends for women are can help a lot when you’re trying to put together some cute outfits. When you’re matching everyone else but putting your own twist on things, you’ll certainly turn heads when you step outside!

So take full advantage of the hot sun and dust off your summer clothes. Not only will you stay cool, but you’ll also look cool while doing so!

To learn more about fashion trends, take a look at the rest of our blog posts now.

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