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Virtual Staging: The New Home Tours in Digital Era

While the digital era does have some downsides, there certainly are a couple of advantages. You can go shopping at any time of the day without leaving your living room. Or you can offer a virtual tour of your home you’ve just put onto the market. Potential buyers can get the most appealing experience when viewing your ad. 

In that last aspect, virtual staging goes a long way. 

It’s already been a custom for decades to stage homes that are up for sale. Usually, you have already left your old house and moved into the new one. The old property is vacant, and as long as it doesn’t look like much from the inside, it can be harder to close a deal. Even if you still lived in your home while you put it onto the market, you had to make it look as inviting as possible to create a cozy atmosphere. 

After all, you’d rather sell your home sooner than later. But it’s always been a hassle to agree on appointments for viewing and having to do away with personal pictures if you put them up on the internet.

Convenient and Attainable 

With the digital era taking a foothold, there are more and more things you can do from the comfort of your home. You probably know it too well yourself if you’re moving to a town on the other side of your country. Either you had a very long road trip ahead of you for viewing, or you had to take a flight. Nowadays, no one can spare as much time anymore, and everyone is glad about the virtual era’s conveniences. You can’t only go on a shopping spree at midnight, but also view homes without all that effort. And that’s where your advantage comes in if you’re selling your property.

The Perfectly Staged Home

A vacant home often takes a lot longer to sell than a fully furnished one. Little details and decorations also add up. But you don’t have to go on a shopping spree for new decorations to make your home even more inviting anymore. Neither do you have to replace the old sofa before moving out to make the place more appealing. All you need is a couple of high-resolution pictures of your home, and you can add or remove anything you like. 

Basically, virtual staging is a photo editing process to touch up your property so you don’t have to renovate before moving out. It allows you to add details like a different sofa or a brand new dining table with a bowl of fruit on top. If you have a fireplace, you can light it up just via the editing process to make it cozier. Imagine, if it was summer when you offer your home for sale, you certainly don’t feel like starting a fire, even if your living room looked a lot more inviting for the pictures. The process only takes a short time, and in most cases, you can sell your home at a higher price within a few days. 

Go a Step Further

Virtual staging already offers you a bunch of advantages for only a little extra money. With virtual staging, you could capture each angle of your rooms and set them up perfectly. Thus, you already offer a version of a virtual touring of your home without having dozens of people coming over personally. If you added those staged pictures to additional software, you could offer buyers a much better view of your home. They basically sit on their sofa and can virtually walk through your home without ever greeting you personally. 

Isn’t it amazing not having to clean your home from top to bottom for several viewing appointments? Instead, you can have cookies and coffee ready to offer for such lengthy days! With virtual staging, they get a first fantastic glance at the best qualities of your home. If they like what they see, they will arrange a personal viewing. At the end of the day, a virtual tour will never topple home tours. However, the pictures and the virtual home touring you offer make up 80% of a buyer to decide. They just need to get a feel of the vibe of your home before making a final decision.

Selling the Unfinished Tale

Did you build a new home but ran out of funds or change plans? Don’t worry. Most would think selling a home that’s not yet done would be extremely hard. It’s a dusty building site.  However, you can turn the raw build into what someone would call a fantastic home with virtual staging. Add some carpet, a couple of lights, some furniture, and plants to the blank canvas – and you’re set. 

Virtual staging allows you to showcase your unfinished home as a glance into the future. A buyer can see what it would look like when it’s done and get a better idea of which room would be most suitable for an office or the kid’s room. He can walk through your unfinished tale and see where a staircase would be and what size the kitchen has. He can see how he’d be having dinner at the table and enjoy cozy evenings at the fireplace. As technology has advanced, you could edit your photos with virtual staging to set your home into an evening scenery and switch on lights in all rooms. With all those little tricks, no one has to come for a viewing, and a buyer may already make his decision before a personal home tour.

Final Thoughts 

Virtual staging lets you offer your perfect home that will be the new home of someone else. No one has to take on lengthy travels to get a first impression of the house. During times of the pandemic, quite a lot may actually forego a personal home. They’re more than glad to enjoy a tour at a time and place that suits them best. 

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