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WhatsApp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS – you should try!!! 2021

Today I am really pumped to be showing you guys another 5 WhatsApp tips tricks and hacks like disappearing messages, sticker pictures, QR encryptions, and a bunch of others but stay until the end because these awesome tips and tricks will really make your day awesome when you will share with your family, friends, or girlfriend.

So let’s get into it.

1. Dynamic Wallpaper

The first WhatsApp trick starting off with is dynamic wallpapers and let me tell you, this is a brand new feature to WhatsApp. It is so cool and what you can do is head on over to your chats wallpaper section then select a wallpaper that you want specifically just for that chat.

For example, you want to set a hot wallpaper for “Mr. Brad” and not for your entire WhatsApp. So you will have to head towards Mr. Brad chat and then tap the three-dotted lines at the top right and then head towards the wallpaper section to select wallpaper and now if you go back into any other chat you’ll see the standard wallpaper but if you go back to Mr. Brad then bam there is the custom wallpaper.

I just chose this WhatsApp trick because it’s an epic feature so whether you have a chat for work, your lover, or friends go ahead and customize it right now.

2. Storage Management

if you’ve been using WhatsApp for a while then you know all too well how quickly media files, photos, and even memes take up valuable space on your phone, so here’s a quick little tip on how to take care of that.

So, in order to get rid of excessive media files and photos then you would need to go to the top right-hand corner. you’re gonna go ahead and click on these three little dots and access settings once in there go ahead and click on storage and data then right at the top click on manage storage and here is where you can see all that storage is taken up.

You can see the storage from each chat and also any files that are larger than 5 megabytes and here’s what’s really cool, if you click that select all button and tap the trash can it’ll delete all those videos in seconds and clear up a bunch of storage.

For you as you can see from there you can access your Individual chats and see what media is currently being stored in there and if you want to get rid of anything. So definitely check out manage storage and free up that precious space.


3. Advanced Search

Now the advanced search is super nifty and lets me show you why if you click on that search icon you will see a bunch of new options appear so what you can do is type in a person’s name like Hails for example but then go ahead and select the photos option and now you can see every single photo that Hails has ever since.

You can also search for specific words like a top-secret for example and then anything that was labeled top secret like this pdf for example will appear and straight from there you can open it up and check it out so not only can you do advanced searches with contacts or pictures now but you can do it with gifs voice notes documents and so much more.

4. Disappearing Message

Did you know you can actually make WhatsApp messages disappear never to be seen again in the chat after just seven days?

So let’s just say you’re having a top-secret chat with your buddy but after a couple of days you want to clear up that chat then what you need to do is go ahead click on their name and right over here you will see disappearing messages.

So if you tap on that it’ll give you a brief explanation of how it works then go ahead toggle it on and, now what will happen every single time after a message is sent seven days later the entire message will disappear.

you’ll also see which profiles have this on by that little icon next to their profile picture so if you want any messages from the chat make sure you’ve got them before they disappear this is a great way to keep chats clear so check it out?

5.Share Live Location

The fifth WhatsApp trick which I am going to tell you is that you can also share your location with your friends. To do this you have to open a WhatsApp chat of any of your friends with whom you want to share your live location. and then tap the attach icon just beside the chatbox.

Now you will get an option to share the location. If you still haven’t understood then you can read the full guide on how to share live location in WhatsApp.


As always with any application like WhatsApp be sure to check out the app privacy as well as daisy details

so you know exactly what is happening with your information but if you enjoyed this article and you want to see some more tech tips and tricks don’t forget to visit beingoptimist(dot)com ribe or you can check out some of my other videos right over here but thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in

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