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Never Gift These Things to Your Sister on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates siblings’ bonds. This is a festival of celebrating your love-hate relationship between brothers and sisters. No matter how much we fight with our siblings, but we all are lucky to have someone by our side always. As sisters tie rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, brothers also vow to take care of their sisters and bestow their love by giving gifts and goodies to them.

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Whenever the festival of Raksha Bandhan comes, it brings back all our childhood memories. Our excitement as kids to get new clothes, sweets, and meeting cousins on this day was so special. Today also, with the same interest and excitement we await the festival. Even we fight the whole year, we want to make this special day even more special for our siblings. We decorate homes, buy gifts and sweets, and do other things to make the day special and memorable.

But, today due to work, higher studies, or marriage we live miles away from our sisters. Hence, we started doing online rakhi and rakhi gifts shopping. To show our love, care, and affection we send rakhi gifts online to our sisters as a token of love. But, do you know that there are a few gifts that you should never gift to your sisters on Raksha Bandhan? Yes, there are a few things that can bring bad luck and trouble in your sis’s life instead of bringing good luck, good health, and prosperity. Hence, you must avoid giving these three gifts to your sister in Raksha Bandhan.

Avoid Giving These Gifts If You Believe in Superstitions

Knife set

Anything that is sharpie or stabby thing should be avoided giving your sisters such as kitchen knife set, mixer grinder, peeler, etc. These things are not considered decent and good. Gifting your sisters any sharpie things even glass items like a mirror, glass photo frames, etc. could bring bad luck. Instead of these, you can opt for some other kitchen appliances.


It’s true that people like to get sandals and shoes as a gift but this is not a good thing to gift your sister Raksha Bandhan. Gifting a pair of shoes is considered bad luck. It is believed that the receiver will walk away from you.

Black Dress

Every girl or woman loves to have dresses and attires. They can never have enough of it. Even if you have gifted her last year, you can still opt for a dress this year also but you must avoid giving a black dress to your sister. If you are a spiritual person who doesn’t want to make goddess Laxmi angry then don’t gift a black dress or saree to your sister.

Hanky or Towels

Handkerchiefs and towels are also not considered a good gift. However, I am sure you will not opt for this as a rakhi gift for sisters but in case you are presenting these along with some other gift items then avoid doing it as they signify tears to come. Your sis will wipe away her affection for you. However, the damage can be mitigated by giving a small thing like a coin in return to make it an exchange transaction.


You must be thinking to give something precious to your sister and opals are the budget-friendly precious stone. But this is also known as the most unlucky gemstone and you must avoid giving your sister as a rakhi gift unless she is born in October because Opal is October’s birthstone.

Well, all these things are considered to bring bad luck and shouldn’t be opted for gifting purposes. If you believe in superstitions and don’t want to ruin your relationship with your sister or cousin then choose your gifts wisely.

Apart from gift-giving superstitions, you should keep one more thing in your mind while selecting a gift for your sister. Sisters have now got bored of receiving the same repeated gift items. So, if you want to make the day special for her then don’t for these boring and traditional rakhi gift ideas for sisters

Boring and Traditional Gifts to Avoid Giving Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan


Okay! We love chocolates, but tell me how long a person would love to get the same gift every year. Girls indeed love chocolates, but they are not excepting the same chocolate box from you as a rakhi gift for her in every Raksha Bandhan. Apart from you, she has many other people she shares a good brother-sister bonding and they might give chocolates to her as her rakhi present. So, please avoid chocolates this year.

Soft Toys

A teddy bear! It’s what comes to our mind whenever we need to select a gift for our sisters. But, do you really think that she is not expecting anything else but again a soft toy from your side? Brother, you have gifted a teddy bear to her a thousand times, please don’t do it again! Think out of the box. There a lot of gift options to choose from.

Coffee Mug

When you find nothing good, go for a coffee, a mantra followed by every brother when he sits to select a rakhi gift for his sister. It was very special for her when you gifted a mug with your picture last year, but who would like to get it again and again. Brothers please think about your sister’s point of view and then think, who wants another mug with their brother’s picture?


Yes, it is the best gift you can gift to your sister isn’t it? But, you need to understand that selecting the right dress for a girl is a tough task, and if you are not good at that then please drop this idea and simply leave it on your sister to select a dress of her size and choice.

How to Choose a Perfect Rakhi Gift For Your Sister?

I know you must be thinking about what you should buy for your sister then.

Let her pick her gift by herself with a gift card. You can send her a gift card or voucher for the brands she loves the most. With that, you can save the time you will spend on selecting the gift for her. Also, this will give her a chance to choose the gifts she has been eyeing on. She can choose from huge brands and wide categories like fashion, makeup, skincare, home decor, entertainment, health, and more.


Rakhi is the day to celebrate the special bond you share with your brother and sister. You both pray for each other’s good life, wellness, and prosperity so, you must pick the right rakhi and right rakhi gift for your brother and sisters. If your sister is sending you rakhi online then you should also send a beautiful rakhi gift for your sister to tell her how much you love her. And if you are a last-minute shopper, do not worry as many gift portals offer same-day delivery service to make your day as special as your brother-sister bonding is.

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